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FIOS DVR Info Screen during Pause and Playback unnecessary!

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Registered: ‎09-29-2008

FIOS DVR Info Screen during Pause and Playback unnecessary!

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Info Screen I'm talking about. 

Info Screen


The Info button on the remote is a nice feature, but am I the only one who thinks the Info Screen stays on to long? My count is 6 to 7 seconds. Where it is more of a pain is when you use the Pause button. The Info Screen will stay on until you either hit the Exit button or Play button. Hitting Play starts the 6 to 7 second clock before it disappears. Yes I know you can hit the Exit button and it will disappear. At this rate my Exit button will wear out soon.


There are 2 times when my fingers are constantly hitting the Exit button to cancel the Info Screen.

1. Sporting events. When you just have to see the play again, you use the Skip Back 10 seconds button watch it again. Was he safe or out? Was it a touchdown or not? I don’t know because the Info Screen is showing. I have to go back and view it again and remember to hit the Exit button so the Info Screen will disappear so I can see first base or the end zone. The same goes for game stats that pop up on the screen during the game. You hit pause to view it and the Info Screen pops up over it. You have to hit Exit again.

2. Newsmagazine (60 Minutes, etc.) / Reality shows (Survivor, etc.) / Subtitled movie or TV show (Heroes, etc.). For the rest of you who don’t like sports and could care less about my number one reason for hating the Info Screen maybe this will sway you. Every now and then during one of the above mentioned shows a text subtitle is bound to pop up. You hit the Pause or Skip Back button to read it. There is the Info Screen in the way.

I called Verizon to ask them if they could shorten the time the Info Screen stays when you hit the Info button or maybe they could make it a watermark image. The Pause is different because the Info Screen will stay on indefinitely or until you hit the Exit button. My suggestion was to get rid of the Info Screen during Pause, Play, Rewind and Fast Forward and just show a small watermark image of a Pause button on the side of the screen.

The response I got from them was that my complaint was logged. This will not get fixed unless other people complain. If you are also bothered by this call customer service and respond to this thread and maybe they will fix it. One can dream.

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Posts: 2
Registered: ‎09-29-2008

Re: FIOS DVR Info Screen during Pause and Playback unnecessary!

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I can’t believe no one else hates the Info Screen that shows up across the bottom of the TV when you Pause, Play, Rewind, Fast Forward, Skip Rewind and Skip Forward. If I want to know what I’m watching I’ll hit the Info button or OK button. I don’t need all those other buttons/actions to do the same thing. It is very redundant. Is anyone else tired of the Info screen popping up during the above actions? A solution would be very simple. Show an image of a Pause button or any of the other actions on the corners of the TV screen. 

And yes I know you can hit the Exit button or OK button to make it go away, but why should I have to!

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Bronze Contributor II
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Re: FIOS DVR Info Screen during Pause and Playback unnecessary!

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I'll have to check when I get home, but I could have sworn that this time was configurable on the DVRs (not non-DVR STBs).


BTW, what version IMG do you have?  I have 1.6 and feel that the info screen doesn't intrude as bad as it did in 1.5.  For instance, I don't think it even comes up when I use the skip feature.  It will only come up when I hit play, ffw, rew, or pause.  I personally think it needs to appear for the ffw/rew since you can increase the speed of this (2x - 4x) and it is helpful to see how fast it is going.

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