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Fios Quantum without the Gateway

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Copper Contributor
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Fios Quantum without the Gateway

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Ok this is very bizzare.   So the other day I got the new Fios Quantum Gateway.  When I was setting it up, I unplugged the coax from the old one and oddly enough my TV was still working.


I was talking to Verizon and they couldn't even explain how this was possible.   Looking at the jumble of cables in my basement, there is basically a "Feed" Coax coming into the house and its connected to a 6 coax splitter and then the 4 of those coax's on the splitters are routed to each room with a Fios Box, one of those is the main DVR box.


According to the FIOS rep I shouldn't be getting TV nor should my DVR/cable guide be working.


Is the main DVR box working as a gateway and if that is the case is the only thing the Fios Router actually providing is internet?

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Re: Fios Quantum without the Gateway

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Regular TV programming is delivered using digital cable technologies (i.e. channels).  The router has nothing to do with the distribution of regular TV.


The STBs connect to the Internet through the router for guide data, video-on-demand content, and general system management communications.  Without the router, the box won't work.  However, if a box was connected to the Internet, it does not immediately go dead when the router is removed.  It will take several hours or even days before it runs out of guide data.


Multi-room DVR services use the router's local area network, so you won't be able to view content on other TVs without the router present.


You must have a router for TV services to work, although as you've discovered, it doesn't need to be active all the time.





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Copper Contributor
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Re: Fios Quantum without the Gateway

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Thanks for the info.  Is all the network stuff sent over the COAX signal then?   IE   if I just take the incoming COAX feed, use a double splitter (and split 1 to the router) and 1 to a seperate 6 coax splitter that goes to the different TV's I should be fine?

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Re: Fios Quantum without the Gateway

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If you have VMS boxes only the servers matter signal wise since they are using RF. The router and the clients all use MOCA to communicate. MOCA just needs RG6 coax and MOCA 2.0 splitters which is preferred. It has worked with RG59 and regular splitters but you are bound to run into problems down the road.

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