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Fios Tv is pixelating/tiling

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Registered: ‎02-25-2014

Fios Tv is pixelating/tiling

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        I know this issue is all over the forums, but everyone's problem seems to go in different routes and I'm not sure where to go. We're having pixelating issues on both of our HD non DVR boxes. (The only two active boxes in the house). This has been happening since service was hooked up about 3 weeks ago. Problem is on any channel and at any random time of day. Have not noticed certain channels or times be any worse than others.  I've reset all boxes. I've checked all connections.


        What next? Should I just call for a tech to come out and if so what is the best number to begin this process?



        Thanks for any and all help!!!


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Re: Fios Tv is pixelating/tiling

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You can try Fixing DVR issues in the DVR menus.  There was a firmware update last night and i think it is wrecking the Cisco DVRs.    Sometimes the Verizon DVR gets confused if Verizon is chaning settings at the home office as well.  Sometimes this will fix things for a while.   Verizon keeps moving this item, but after the firmware update yesterday it is located in this location:


Press Menu on your remote, then select the following options:

Customer Support --->  Top Support Tools  ---> Fix FiOS TV Issues


This will load an app.  There are two options here:  Fix Common STB/DVR Issues or Fix/Activate MY MR-DVR Service.  The first option should be enough.  Follow the instructions and it will run some repairs on the DVR filesystem and then reboot.  This can take 5 - 10 minutes and could involve the DVR rebooting several times.


Most likely the hard drive in your DVR is beginning to fail which is why you are seeing the pixelation.  Even if you aren't actively recording a show, you are still watching a recording.  The DVR is always recording the last 30-40 minutes of a channel and you are watching it stream from the hard drive, never straight from the cable.  I've seen this multiple times even on a two month old DVR.  Verizon & Cisco use a poor quality Western Digital Green Drive that is crap.  It is possible to disconnect the internal drive and add a laptop SATA drive by placing it upside down on the shielding beneath the Verizon hard drive.  Just be careful not to jar the box or have the drive touch any other components or you will destroy the box.  When you plug the DVR back in, it will automatically format & encrypt the new drive.  I know that a 500GB laptop drive will work fine.  Only other option is to have Verizon exchange the DVR for another one.   I almost guarantee that you will have another hard drive failure.  Hard drive quality is not like it once was years ago.


You might want to try a Tivo, but it requires a yearly or lifetime subsription to the service in addition to the price of the box.   Plus you won't be able to access OnDemand videos nor the Verizon TV Guide (although the TV should have its own program guide).  Any special Verizon features will not be supported on the Tivo.  Verizon's DVR firmware updates have been pathetic recently with no one revieing them before being pushed to the customer.  Verizon does not care about us except for our monthly payments.


Or better yet, drop the TV service and buy Blu-Ray videos since Verizon is not allowing streaming traffic to enter their network from Netflix and other services.   Don't use RedBox Streaming by Verizon as you are just enabling Verizon to further cause disruptions in their competitors' streaming services.  Just Google Verizon streaming Netflix issues and you will all the articles about network issues.  Verizon and other ISPs which provide video services are screwing their paying customers.



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