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Guide consistently WRONG!!!

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Registered: ‎10-27-2008

Re: Guide consistently WRONG!!!

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Zip Code 76092.  This Sunday, CBS Sunday Morning disappeared from the Guide.  Wasn't there.  Blank program description. 


Multiple, multiple instances of programs not being marked correctly as re-runs when they are.  Check out Cold Case and Without a Trace, which consistently show up at 1am and 2am every week as new programs. 


Too many examples to list - you are second-rate compared to the TiVo program guide.  


Come on.  This has got to be something Verizon sees, and what are the plans to fix it?

Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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Re: Guide consistently WRONG!!!

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I've had the same problem for two years now with the FiOS DVR.  I had missed approximately 60 different new episodes of various network and cable TV shows -- due to improper flags by Verizon's guide data provider-- when I decided enough was enough.  I got a TiVoHD and haven't missed any episodes since.  If Verizon would switch to a competant guide data provider like Tribune (used by TiVo and DirecTV), we wouldn't have these problems with the FiOS DVR.


I sincerely wish the folks at Verizon could be made to understand the importance of good, reliable guide information and the role it plays in DVR usability and reliability.   No DVR can be made to function reliably with inaccurate and incomplete guide information.  A switch to Tribune Media for guide data would significantly reduce support calls, service calls, and churn, saving Verizon millions of dollars per year.

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Copper Contributor
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Re: Guide consistently WRONG!!!

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Ken, Thanks.. I forgot to hit replies via email . Techman. Are we they only FEW with this problem. I opened a number of tickets. If you like I can cut and post the dozens if not hundreds of remarks from Dslreports fourms or send you the links.



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Re: Guide consistently WRONG!!!

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I don't know if this thread is still active, but I have had FIOS for 6 weeks now and I have had many issues with the GUIDE failing to give consistent information. I'm in NYC and what seems to be most common is a failure to provide individual episode tags for programs, leaving you with a series of recorded programs all tagged with the show title but no specific information about the program actually recorded. I primarily record children's shows for my daughter, and I see two extremely frustrating problems: First programs on the same channel may have varying levels of identifying information, for example, one episode of DORA on Nick Jr will have full program information and the DORA programmed 2 hours later on the same channel will only have generic information. And the second, even more frustrating problem I find is that one week I will be able to record 10 shows and know what they are, and the next week, all the shows will be indistiguishable, because they all say something generic.


Any idas about any fixes for this? It certainly was not a problem with either TIME WARNER or TIVO.


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Re: Guide consistently WRONG!!!

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I also believe the guide has several wrong listings.  What's more frustrating is relying on it to record programs we "think" are scheduled at that time, only to find the wrong show during playback.  Also, when recording a series (like "The Unit"), it frequently gets moved due to football games or other shows that run over.  The guide doesn't adjust for that and the wrong show records.  I agree something needs to be done to upgrade the system.  If we can image a yellow line onto a football field (several computers at work to make it happen), we should certainly be able to keep a program guide up to date (in real time) regardless of what happens with the programming.
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Re: Guide consistently WRONG!!!

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I agree.  Our guide is consistently incorrect on any given day for any given channel.  Apparently the guide does not update as it does on my TIVO. 

The FIOS channel guide continues to cause huge problems when trying to record a series on a weekly basis.  Our DVR often records the incorrect show or a reruns instead of a first run, and it can not handle delays in the start of a program due to things like a football game pushing things back by 5 or 10 minutes.  Our TIVO has no problems accommodating any kind of programming changes.  I will be getting rid of my Verizon box and replacing with an

HD TIVO with cable cards.  I'd rather pay for good service than for something that has not functioned correctly since I bought it over a year ago.  

While the TIVO box is costly, the monthly service will be about the same as what I'm paying for the rent on the Verizon box.  I have no issue with the TIVO channel guide and I can still get movies on demand via TIVO.   


Why can't Verizon get it's software corrected to provide at least an acceptable level of performance?

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Registered: ‎11-15-2008

Re: Guide consistently WRONG!!!

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Last night, I noted two instances of the guide being wrong. Even that isn't my biggest gripe with the guide - it just plain SUCKS. I was a Direct and TIVO user for years and TIVO is the gold standard for guides, DirecTV is almost as good and both are LIGHT YEARS better than the current FIOS guide (which is much better than the older one that it replaced). I don't know who approves the guide used by FIOS but that person/persons need to look at what the competition is using. For example, a movie listing (more info) shows only a few actors and NO mention of language, sex, violence, nudity, etc. as the other providers do. Having been a UI (User Interface) screen designer for applications software, I have some knowledge of what is "user friendly" and what isn't - the FIOS guide stinks (cosmetically as well as content-wise). I love the bandwidth and the HD picture but the guide may force me back to DirecTV.
Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: Guide consistently WRONG!!!

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The guide, it stinketh bigtime indeed, IMHO it is time for Verizon to cut their losses and just switch to a major league guide provider.
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Re: Guide consistently WRONG!!!

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I had this problem back in Aug - sep timeframe. I'm in 20164, Sterling VA.  It was a nightmare - couldn't determine what was on, scheduling via my HD DVR was impossible.

 After customer service issued a couple resets and downloads it was resolved.


The only similar problem I continue to see at this time is one specific network and show (NBC - Days of Our Lives) Info is not correct.  It is always 2 days behind.  It has been like that for over 6 weeks.  I've been told by customer service the accuracy of the Info for a show is out of their control and responsibility.

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Re: Guide consistently WRONG!!!

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Ditto to the dittos....

I just switched from Dish Network about a month ago - mainly to get everything on one bill and get the dish off my roof for cosmetic reasons.  But this "Menu Guide" is just waaaay too frustrating for words and Verizon's lack of response to the threads up here about it makes it even more unacceptable.


I recall seeing in another thread -- off to find it now -- something about the contract with their service provider expiring at the end of this year.  So I'll give them until after the holidays to either get it replaced or at a minimum annouce a definitive date to do so.  Otherwise, I'm heading over to Comcast-land!


At this point I'm REALLY regretting my decision to switch.  My DISH dual-tuner HD-DVR let me have PIP, was accurate, fast and user-friendly, and its remote would go thru walls.  I had to purchase a $55 add-on RF remote extender from Next Generation Home Products to be able to control my electronics that are all stored in a closet behind the wall-mounted TV. 


The only plus I've been able to appreciate is the ability to watch recorded shows from other STB's....but is only if it records the correct show, of course!

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