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Had DVR issues please reply

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Registered: ‎11-24-2008

Had DVR issues please reply

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I would love to hear who here has had issues with Verizon motorola DVR's. I have had multiple issues that required about 20 hours of phone calls to FIOS Tech. The problems I have encountered included.

1.  Won't record a scheduled recording or give any indication why the show didn't record.

2.  Error messages that say can't play a recorded show.

3.  Indicate that the hard drive was full when it was not. For example after I had to format the drive I recorded one show that was 60 minutes long in HD and it said that it was 25% full or 60% full with 3 hours of HD recordings on it.


I've formatted my hard drives on 2 different DVR's twice and had one of them replaced and the issues still continued. When I talked to Verizon FIOS tech they say they are aware of the issues and are working on them but don't have a better product to give us.


After saying enough is enough I bought 2 Tivo's and they are working out great. But Verizon wants to charge $2.95 for each cable card and there's 4 cards.


When I signed up for a 2 year contract I thought that I would be getting good reliable equipment. I previously had Direct TV with no issues (not even weather issues. I was solicated by Verizon to switch because I thought I could save money.  Instead I'm paying more. I have had to pay $800 for 2 DVR's plus the monthy service fee for each Tivo plus Verizon hits me with a cable card fee per month so that I could get reliable recordings and equipment.


Has anyone had similar issues? I'm a responsible customer that tried to resolve the issues to the best of my ability and to work with Verizon to the best of my ability I was a patient person but listening to my 2 year old daughter cry because 15 shows that were previously recorded all of a sudden gone was enough for me to switch to Tivo DVR''s.


When the Verizon guy came out he said that everyone loves their DVR's and that I'm the only one he knows with issues.  I'd love to hear others input and feedback on Verizon DVR's.



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Re: Had DVR issues please reply

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I have the HD6416 DVR, the only times I've had a show not record was due to the guide not the dvr. The guide either had the wrong show listed or did not have it tagged as new. I've only had 1 show in the year that I've had it that I could not play back. It played the first 10 minutes and then stopped as if it was the end of the show. On occasion I've had to turn the box off then on to get it to reflect the correct amount of disc space after I deleted a HD show. Also once when I deleted about 6 shows at the same time I had to reset the box by unplugging before the space left on the dvr was updated correctly. I think these a minor and rare problems so overall I'm happy with the recorder.  From all I've read there are many features that the TIVO has that makes it a far superior product. A bigger hard drive, the the ability to download programs to another hard drive and a much better program guide but it should be for what it costs since you have to buy the dvr and pay a monthly fee to TIVO too.
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Re: Had DVR issues please reply

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Yesterday, I came home from work to an error message "The DVR is not authorized on this Set-Top box". The tech I talked to last night was not able to correct the problem and said I would be contacted tomorrow with a resolution. I just tried calling customer service and the recording informed me that the problem would be fixed today. No idea of when, but hopefully it happens before primetime.


This is my second DVR box(Motorola 6416). The tech told me that they may have to issue me a new box, which means I will lose all my saved programming 😞  Is there anyway of transferring the data from this box to another if they have to replace the box? 95% of the recordings are not on "On Demand".

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