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HD DVR QIP 7216-1, sound and picture issues.

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: HD DVR QIP 7216-1, sound and picture issues.

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This is a common problem that has been shown to be a problem with the Motorola chips used in the DVRs. The problem just happens to be exacerbated with Samsung TV’s.


The use of switching receivers (HDMI home theaters) is going up so the problem is showing up more with those now.


I have been searching for a new receiver and this problem is in my list of requirements.

Note that it is too expensive for Verizon to replace all the DVRs so it is up to us users to buy compatible equipment.

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Re: HD DVR QIP 7216-1, sound and picture issues.

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Just to provide an alternative perspective to all of the righteous indignation I read in this (and other) thread(s).  I have two FIOS DVR's. 


One is connected via HDMI through an HDMI Switcher to an Onkyo HDMI receiver and thereafter via HDMI to a Panasonic Plasma TV.  Audio and Video are perfect - no problems.


The other is connected to a Pioneer HDMI receiver and thereafter to a Sharp  LCD TV.  Audio and Video are perfect - no problems.


(The point I'm making here is LOTS of different equipment brands and LOTS of HDMI-switching going on - NO PROBLEMS!)


I get the resolution and quality that I expect.  The colors are correct.  The various Audio streams, up to and including 5.1 when available, are properly passed and decoded.


I'm not saying that the posters in this thread are NOT having problems.  I am suggesting that there may be other places to look rather than roundly condemning the STBs.   Although I find MANY shortcomings in the delivery of the FIOS TV content and the program guide is beyond redemption and there are plenty of features that are poorly-deisgned and implemented, I'm not sure that you can with confidence place the blame for EVERY HDMI compatibility issue on the FIOS STB.


I know that you will find many posts in these fora complaining about these problems, but realistically, what percentage of users actually have these problems?  Those for whom it's all working fine are unlikely to seek out a forum and post about it.


It would appear that in a small percentage of cases, the combination of equipment, cabling, connectors, and fate, folks end up with HDMI handshake problems.  And you should insist on your equipment providers to sort that out.  But I'm not convinced that the "culprit" is always the FIOS STB.  You have to check everything in your signals delivery and processing chain.


So I would only respectfully suggest a little less emotion and a little more analytical assessment when one has a problem. (Although they REALLY gotta trash all of their DVRs and get something with LOTS more storage space and hire a better guide provider.)

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Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: HD DVR QIP 7216-1, sound and picture issues.

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Although in many cases it very clearly *is* the STB.  Take my situation, which I just posted in the other thread:



I have just had FIOS installed today and encountered the "green screen" issue.


Some people here have blamed the TV and receiver companies. My experience shows this is really not the whole story.


I just switched from Time Warner.  I had a Motorola 3416 STB from Time Warner going through my Onkyo 806 via HDMI to my Panasonic TC-P50G10 plasma.  It worked fine - never saw a green screen in my life.  (Although, Time Warner picture quality and internet service was awful, but that's another story.)


But today, the installer connected the new FIOS STB (Motorola QIP 7216).  It was connected *exactly* the same way as the TW box:


---COAX-->  MOTOROLA STB  ---HDMI--->  ONKYO 806   ---HDMI-->   TV 


Within 15 seconds or so of the FIOS box being turned on, I saw the "green screen" so many people have been talking about.


Since this seems to happen with multiple TVs (Sony and Panasonic both, based on my research), and multiple receivers (Sony, Pioneer, and Onkyo), this makes it fairly obvious to me that there's something going on in Verizon's Motorola STB.


Hope it gets fixed.  In the meantime I guess I need to run some component and optical cables.... urgh.  Smiley Mad


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Re: HD DVR QIP 7216-1, sound and picture issues.

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I recently purchased a Sharp AQUOS 37 LC37D64U and hooked it up with the Motorola 7216 direct hdmi no receiver.

Within a day I noticed that the screen went blank or green. The cust support told me this was an issue with the top boxes hdmi and they were working on a fix and that some people switched to Component Video to fix the problem. I just couldn't take all the screen interuptions so I switched to the component cable and the tv  indicates that it runs at 1080i not 1080p after the switch. It sounds like this problem has been around for a while. I am looking for a sound system for my tv is there any recomendations that work with this top box so I can go back to hdmi?

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