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HDMI stopped working on my HD DVR yet AGAIN!

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Gold Contributor V
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Re: HDMI stopped working on my HD DVR yet AGAIN!

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it reminds me of the fight between Sony and toshiba for the HD format for DVD's. There was sony Blu-ray and then the one from toshiba. If you had one it wouldnt work on a player from the other. They battled for a couple of years before toshiba finally surrendered and made Blu-ray the world standard. Same thing is going on with the HDMI handshake issue with samsung and motorola. I agree with you in that I sort of side with motorola. They have a system that works with every other system out there and they shouldnt have to adjust their system to accomodate a single black sheep out there.



That having been said I also see it from the samsung point of view as well. They have a system in place that is superior to a lot of others out there. I know this can be debated but for the most part, samsung has a superior picture to most other tv's out there. So why should they have to change their superior display. But still, a line has to be drawn somewhere where it says "this is the standard and everyones needs to meet at least this level of compatiblity".  Plenty of blame to go around but it leaves the cable companies and especially the consumers in the middle and out in the cold.


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Copper Contributor
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Re: HDMI stopped working on my HD DVR yet AGAIN!

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@G-Pon wrote:

  If the TV’s in question are Samsung or Sony Bravia you can just quit trying to get the HDMI to work. The execution of the HDMI protocols by many of the sets produced by these 2 mfgrs do not exactly match those of the entire rest of the industry on the entire planet.


I’m not saying they have it wrong necessarily all data protocols are somewhat subject to interpretation. Also subjective is the amount of RAM necessary to process them rapidly enough.


I’m not saying that Motorola and Verizon won’t be able to eventually modify their HDMI protocol deployment to compensate for the chip-sets in those TV’s either, we ARE working on it. But at my house I quit worrying about it, switched to component.


The issue source, if anyone cares, is similar to the way 2 fax machines communicate, they have a process like a “handshake” in which the 2 devices make a friendly agreement upon a transmission rate of speed and other details of the millions per min transactions. The handshake is lost in most of these failures, the agreed upon criteria can not be met and the communication ceases.


A previous post is correct, it is a battle between Motorola and the TV mfgrs in which ComCast, Verizon, CableVision, Brighthouse, EVERYBODY is caught in the middle. I’m going to side with Motorola slightly though because their boxes work so well with most TVs.

Remember this is the industry’s first attempt at a 2 way conversation between a TV and another device; it is a LOT of computer processing, this is a task TV’s have never had to do before.


I have also seen cases where long runs of HDMI cable, bad HDMI cables and bad HDMI ports can cause this behavior too.


If the issue occurs on TV’s other than those mfgrs listed above other measures may succeed in resolving them, but Verizon’s 7000 series Motorola boxes have no greater elasticity in maintaining the HDMI handshake than the 6000 series, the HDMI protocol “stack” is the same on either box.


The problem is that 1) It's not just Samsung and Sony with the problems 2) Samsung and Sony are the 2 most popular HD TV makers, so of course the boxes should be made to work with them, and that 3)The TVs with hdmi issues that were from Samsung, Sony, etc. are older than these boxes and firmware that run them so it should have been addressed already.


Also, Fios, Comcast, etc. aren't exactly caught in the middle because they keep buying these inferior boxes (which are plagued with many more firmware and hardware issues besides HDMI bugs) that they've known have had problems for years.

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Bronze Contributor II
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Re: HDMI stopped working on my HD DVR yet AGAIN!

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You are correct, the cable companies must assume some responsibility for the vendors they choose for their customers. Watch for a step away from Motorola by Verizon, these things just take time, a LOT of time.





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