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Is there a TIVO product compatible with FIOS TV ?

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Copper Contributor
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Is there a TIVO product compatible with FIOS TV ?

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After having Tivo's for year's I reluctantly gave them up to go with the FIOS, overall the quality is very good.

With the MAJOR exception of the Motorola HD/DVR QIP6416-2 an infuriating! inscrutable! lame! PIECE OF JUNK!!!!

With a mind of it's own, It has been the cause of ALL of my problems with FIOS.

I want to go back to my lovable TIVO's with EZ to use controls

Has anyone done this?

Please help me.   


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Re: Is there a TIVO product compatible with FIOS TV ?

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I am definitely a Tivo person, too. I have 2 HDs and 1 Series 2. The HDs each have 2 cable cards and get every channel to which I am subscribed, but no VOD, no guide data (Tivo's is far far far superior anyway), and no widgets (so what!). The series 2 is controlling a QIP 2500 set to box which gives me the VOD (if and when I would want it, so far not), and their useless guide, but all of my standard def channels. FIOS' DVRs are garbage. {please keep your posts courteous} 
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Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Re: Is there a TIVO product compatible with FIOS TV ?

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I've had a Series 3 now for a little more than a year and I couldn't be more pleased. I had a 6416-2 before the Series 3 and it actually worked while I had it, but the small hard drive and GUI at the time was horrible. I've never looked back! It was a very simple 2-card install that took less than 30 minutes and the tech was out the door.
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Copper Contributor
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Re: Is there a TIVO product compatible with FIOS TV ?

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 So all I need is to get a SERIES 3 or HD call verizon for cable cards and have their tech take away this piece of junk and put the cards in my tivo?

I have a QIP 2500-3 in another room that WAS hooked to a tivo.

Can I deep 6 this unit also and use the tivo network to transfer programs to my old series 2 from the series 3HD or should I hang on to it

I rather give tivo 20$ a month rather than deal with  {word filter avoidance}  hardware  another day



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Re: Is there a TIVO product compatible with FIOS TV ?

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infuriating! inscrutable! lame! PIECE OF JUNK!!!!


LOL...It looks like I'm not the only one that feels this way about Fios DVRs.......I started feeling bad that I wast posting so much negative about the Fios DVRs.   I just feel others should know what they're getting into. 


This Tivo thing sounds promising for me and my situation, does anyone know where I can get more info on this?   

Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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Re: Is there a TIVO product compatible with FIOS TV ?

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What other information did you want?


The standard TiVoHD (20 HD hours - same as FiOS DVR) sells for $219-$299, depending on where you buy it.  The more expensive TivoHD XL with a 1TB drive (150+ HD hours) costs $599.  If you can follow simple instructions, you can do what I did: buy the ~$200 TivoHD model and upgrade the internal hard drive with a $140 Western Digital WD10EVCS (1TB), which is the same drive TiVo uses in XL model; that would give you 150+ HD hours and 1000+ SD hours of capacity.


The TiVoHD replaces the Verizon box.  Most TiVos are sold at a loss so they do require a subscription; service costs $12.95 monthly, $179 prepaid for a year ($10.79/mo), $299 prepaid for three years ($8.30/mo), or $399 for a lifetime sub.  If you have a TivoHD, you do not need to pay any STB or DVR fees to Verizon, but you do need a CableCard.  A CableCard is basically an access card that authorizes the digital channels that you pay for.


Verizon's CableCards are $3.99/mo.   [People who got CableCards last year only pay $2.99.]

If Verizon only has the older S-Cards in your area, then you need two of them (2x $3.99/mo).  One S-Card supports one tuner, so you need two of them to support the dual tuners in the TiVo.  The TiVo has two slots.

If Verizon has the newer M-Cards in your area, then you only need one of them (1x $3.99/mo) for the TivoHD.  One M-Card supports both tuners in the TivoHD.  Verizon has M-Cards available in the DC area, but I'm not sure where else.  Motorola discontinued the S-Cards but Verizon is/was still waiting to deplete their stock of the older cards in some areas before placing orders for M-Cards.

The main advantages of the TiVo include superior usability and reliability, thanks to much better guide data and more mature software.  Another key advantage is the support for external drives and internal drive upgrades for increased recording capacity; with a TivoHD and an external drive or internal drive upgrade, you no longer have to worry about running out of space.  The TivoHD also offers a number features not available on the standard FiOS DVR software, including the ability to a) autorecord all programs matching certain criteria; b) completely delete channels you do not watch from the guide, c) download all SD and HD recordings from DVR to your computer for viewing or burning to DVD, d) direct YouTube access, and e) announced Netflix streaming support.

The main disadvantage of a TivoHD is that it cannot support cable company VOD.  FiOS VOD is only available on Verizon's own Motorola DVRs.  That said, TiVo does support Amazon Unbox and just announced support for Netflix on the TivoHD/Series3; with a $8.99/mo Netflix subscription, you have unlimited access to thousands of movies and past TV episodes -- including a growing number in HD -- streamed straight to your box.  For Netflix customers, this service is arguably even better than VOD.

TivoHD Tips


(1) Enable 30s skip on the |-> button.  To do that, enter "Select - Play - Select - 3 - 0 - Select" while watching a recording.

(2) Skip to tick.  To skip to the next "tick" in a recorded program, press the |-> button while fast forwarding or rewinding.

(3) Swap tuners.  To swap tuners, press the LiveTV button.  You can also pause one channel, press the LiveTV button to switch to the other tuner, and then switch back to resume from where you paused.

(4) Remove the channels you don't receive and don't want from Settings -> Channels -> Channels List.  Unchecked channels will be removed from the guide.  Wishlists and Suggestions won't record from channels you remove.

Pick Channels


You can also mark your favorites.  Once you do that, press ENT while in the guide to select your favorites lineup.

(5) Press |-> while in the guide to skip forward a day.  The replay button will move back a day.  Note this feature requires the latest software.

(6) From the TiVo Central screen (press the "TiVo" button to get there), press the following keys to jump to their respective functions:

1 = Season Pass Manager
2 = To Do List
3 = Search Using Wishlists
4 = Search by Title
5 = Browse by Channel
6 = Browse by Time
7 = Record Time/Channel
8 = TiVo's Suggestions
9 = Showcases

(7) If you have a universal remote, set a button to take you directly to the Now Playing screen (list), bypassing the Tivo menu.

(8) Enable folder "groups" by hitting the ENTER button on the Now Playing list.  With groups, your recorded list will look like this:


TiVo recorded liust 

Multiple recordings of the same program are stored in folders to reduce clutter.


(9) Prioritize your series recordings under Find Programs to Record -> Season Pass Manager (or just press '1' from TiVo Central).

The Season Pass Manager determines what two programs are recorded in the event of a three-way conflict. If three programs conflict, the TiVo will record the first two and look for a repeat showing of the third program.   It is best to stick ABC/CBS/FOX/NBC series at the top of your priority list, because those don't typically repeat.  Stick cable programs that repeat at the bottom of your list.

Recording priority list

Season Pass Manager determines what programs are recorded first when three programs conflict.


Be sure to set the record options for each season pass and wishlist:


Season Pass Options 

Options available for every series recording and wishlist


(10) Create wishlists to automatically record your favorite topics, pro & college sports, regardless of date, time, and channel.  


Wishlists automatically record new episodes and/or repeats of all programs meeting certain criteria, regardless of date, time, and channel.   You can have as many keywords and title keywords as you want, and you can use boolean operators such as AND, OR, and NOT.  For example, you could create a wishlist to record all University of Maryland sports, except for volleyball and lacrosse, and store them in a UMD Sports folder.  Below are some examples:

Washington Redskins wishlist

This wishlist records all new Redskins games, regardless of date, time, and channel, and organizes them into a WASHINGTON REDSKINS folder, as seen in #8.  Also note that wishlists are listed in the Season Pass Manager just like series recordings, with all of the same options including new or new and repeats, number of recordings to keep, start early and end late, etc.


Washington Capitals wishlist 

This wishlist records all new Capitals games, regardless of date, time, and channel, and organizes them into a WASHINGTON CAPITALS folder, as seen in #8.


(11) Download your recordings to your PC/Mac, using any web browser or TiVo Desktop.


VideoRedo ad removal

Download recordings directly from the Tivo to your PC with any web browser.


VideoRedo ad removal

With TiVo Desktop, you can automatically transfer new episodes of your favorite series to your computer as they are recorded.


(12) After downloading a recording, automatically remove commercials and burn to to DVD or send to iPod.


VideoRedo ad removal

In VideoRedo, select "Start Ad-Detective Scan" to mark all commercials, "Cut selection" to remove them.  Click "Save As.." to save the file as a MPG without commercials, or "Create DVD" to create a DVD with the commercial free program.


VideoRedo: Burn to DVD

After selecting "Create DVD" in VideoRedo, insert a DVD-R or DVD+R and click Ok.

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Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: Is there a TIVO product compatible with FIOS TV ?

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You are da man KenAF!      thanks for the info... I'm drooling right now, I want's a bit pricy but, if this will fix my DVR issues it might be worth it.  I'm definately considering it

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Re: Is there a TIVO product compatible with FIOS TV ?

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That's about as comprehensive as an answer can be! Good job Ken!
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Copper Contributor
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Re: Is there a TIVO product compatible with FIOS TV ?

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Wow! thanks for that.

To show what a piece of junk the motorola unit is, mine refuses to record 30 Rock

I went thru the menu made sure that everything was right and made 30 the #1 priority show.

Last night as I was watching TV I noticed is wasn't recording during the time slot  

I had to manually enter it AGAIN!

Monday I added the 2 additional daily show and colbert report shown in the guide for election night

It rewarded me by not recording anything!!! for the whole night!

then it wouldn't show the time for a whole day even though I checked the setting's to be sure it was right

Next day back to normal.

Not to even mention when you hit the button's on the controller and nothing happens,so you hit it a few more time's

Then wham it decides to catch up and you wind up someplace you don't want to be

JUNK JUNK JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!   

{please keep your posts courteous}



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Copper Contributor
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Re: Is there a TIVO product compatible with FIOS TV ?

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Attention to monitor I was being nice my actual thought's were much worse...


So to my Saga thus far:

I called to get 2 cable card's for my new TIVO after trying to convince me to switch the Home madia option. NO, thank you!

she saw that I had an early plan and offered to update my account  which she did.

and told me where to turn in the boxes, of course they don't have cards there, they have to be mailed.

Another # to call for that, BUT!!! the order can't be place because theres a 48 hour hold while the order changes I just placed are put thru!!!!!!

that was Thursday, 1 1/2 hours on the phone.

The agent said she would put the order after 48 hours passed.

I wait til today Tuesday to check on the order still not fufilled now it goes to the "order control group" but I need to wait another 24 hours to check on

it!!! only 45 minites on the phone

Boy Verizon how about a place that you can turn in your stuff, get a card, and change your order all in one place?

you make cable look good on this front.

What an ordeal!  



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