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Media Manager Audio Playback Issues

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Employee Emeritus
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Re: Media Manager No Sound

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Is your DVR box a 7216, if so are you using the coax out from the stb to the TV.  If you are this is an know issue. The work around is to use the audio out or the hdmi as the audio out instead coax output.  This issue will be resolved when the new img (interactive media guide) is released. 

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Re: Media Manager No Sound

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Same problem as others reported, photos display fine, no sound thru HDMI.  The only difference is this is using a MAC and the latest version of Media Manager just released.  In addition, the firewall is disabled.  Contacted first level Verizon support and they said we don't support MM on a Mac because it's Beta which I don't understand since I received a message on the TV saying it was released.


Tried uninstall/reinstall, firewall has been turned off, not connected to work using VPN, rebooted router, still no luck.  Periodically the DVR shows 25 then what looks like a raised zero then 25 then the zero again.  Other times click OK on song does'nt do 25's, no zero's, nothing. 

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Media Manager for Mac - issues already

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I was excited to hear that Verizon came out with a Media Manager for the Mac. It's supposed to work with iPhoto and iTunes. It installed fine. Found my music fine. I started up the DVR and it was able to recognize my laptop and the songs I'd shared from it. Great so far. I went to play a song...


The act of trying to play a song causes the Media Manager software on my Mac to crash AND causes the DVR to reboot. Not cool. I've tried a couple of times with the same results.

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: Media Manager for Mac - issues already

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I too am having an issue with MM and the Mac.  I'm running 10.5.8 and when I attempt to play a song the DVR locks up.  The screen is frozen in the selection menu (where it says "press OK to play").  The DVR will not recognize any inputs from the remote control or the buttons on the front and must be rebooted by removing the power supply.  



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Re: Media Manager for Mac - issues already

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I am running 10.6.1 and the same thing is happening: when I hit OK next to a song to play it, everything freezes, though the television program I had been watching remains in the background. However, I cannot exit out of the screen and also must reboot by unplugging the DVR. I can view photos just fine.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Re: Media Manager Audio Playback Issues

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Same problem with a  Mac - Made sure to only choose a playlist which has MP3 files, not AAC or Apple Losssless.  Becomes locked on choose song OK screen and only way out is a full DVR reboot.  Not good.

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Re: Media Manager Audio Playback Issues

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I'm having these issues as well. Can view photos, but music will work for a day or two if I reset the STB, but then stops. Has there been any resolution on this?

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Re: Media Manager for Mac - issues already

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The pre-release Mac beta would play our iTunes library with no problem (though the MM app on our PowerMac would crash every hour or so) but the release version refuses to load some all-mp3 playlists (especially Smart Playlists) and when you find one it will display telling it to Play results in a flashing code on the DVR and no music. I have reported ths to the beta developers and sent all the logs they asked for a few weeks ago, but no response yet.


15+ years of being treated as second-class citizens just because we're Mac users is getting really old...

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Media Manager plays music on TV, but only out of 1 speaker (poor sound)

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The TV plays in stereo on its own.  The music on the computer plays in stereo out of the computer.


But when I send music from the computer to the TV via media manager it only comes out of the right speaker.  Does anyone know how I can get stereo sound out of the TVs? 



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Media Manager for Mac audio issues

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I am running Mac OS X 10.6.2 with VZ Media Manager V 1.0 Build 9.1.26.  I have iTunes 9.0.2 (25) and iPhoto 08 7.1.5 (378).


 I have no problem playing any of my iTunes playlists regardless of encoding (MP3, AAC) and so far no crashes of STB or my Mac.  As long as I am using iTunes sharing on the STB that is the only audio I hear which brings me to the problem I have ...


My problem is that when I fire up media manager on my STB to view iPhoto the audio from the last selected channel is still there and if I play a slide show with a music track if the music track is playing (along with the tv audio) I can't pick it out.  This app is great since there is very little to configure!  I don't believe there is anything on the STB that needs to be configured.  


Any one else get this far yet



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