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Media Manager Miscellaneous Issues (Photo problems, OS questions, and General posts)

Khoros Partner
Khoros Partner
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Media Manager Miscellaneous Issues (Photo problems, OS questions, and General posts)

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This thread is for any other Media Manager Issues not specifically addressed in the other Media Manager threads.

If a forum member gives an answer you like, give them the Kudos they deserve. If a member gives you the answer to your question, mark the answer that solved your issue as the accepted solution.

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Media Manager under a different subnet

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This is a bit of a complex question.  Please let me know if you need more information:


Currently, I have Verizon FiOS with Internet & TV.  The internet is setup this way:


image available:




The reason for this setup is because the Verizon Router does a poor job doing wireless.  Anyway, the Win32 machine is connected

via wireless to the router.  Upon looking at the DVRs settings, the DVR is connected to the Verizon router via the actual cable, NOT



I've connected an ethernet cable from the linksys router to the DVR router.  I get a link signal and even get activity but it does not

receive an IP address.  I've read various forums and found out that the DVR's ethernet is not properly enabled.


In any event, I'm trying to use the Media Manager with my laptop (the only machine that has Windows; others have linux & mac os).

Is there a way to:

  • Get the verizon DVR to use the Ethernet for Media Manager us?
  • Get the verizon router to forward all traffic to the router (in effect act as a bridge, instead of a router)?

My network is too complex to move the laptop to the verizon router (besides, it the verizon router doesn't do wireless well).

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Suddenly Media Manager gives error when trying to view photos

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I have the latest upgrade 9.2 of Media Manager, which has always worked until the other day. Although Videos and music still work fine, when I try to access photos, I get "unexpected error has occurred." Nothing seems to clear this. I contacted Verizon thru feedback link on media manager, but haven't yet heard back. I don't use the program very much, but until the other day every part of it was working--I am part of the video streaming trial, and this and the photos and music always seem to work fairly well. ANyone know what's happening with this.? 
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Media Manager - "this song has been moved or deleted, or is corrupt"

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OK, I just installed a HD-DVR with media manager.  I installed the utility on one desktop PC and configured the shared folders - both music and picture content.  Here are my issues:


1. constantly I'm unable to play audio, getting the message "this song has been moved or deleted, or is corrupt.  Please remove it from your playlist".  Each and every file gets this treatment.  None of them have been moved, deleted, or are corrupt for that matter.  I don't think it's a firewall issue since after my initial configuration files were accessible and playable.


2. why isn't the media manager option available on 2 of my other STB's?  I could swear the media manager option appeared on one of the non-HD STB's and now it has vanished.  It IS available on my only other HD STB.


3. Try viewing your "Music Manager" files by "Artist".  Is a simple sort too much to ask for?  I'm blindly scrolling through pages of unsorted names in search of one artist in a list of 452.


4. Unlike a competitor's product, media manager from what I gather, does not allow me to transfer recorded video content from DVR to my PC.ANyone know if Verizon is addressing this?  That was a very cool feature that I can't find here in MediaManager


This product cannot possible be this bad, and it's me who hasn't configured it properly right?  I can handle the truth!  heh.

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Re: Media Manager - "this song has been moved or deleted, or is corrupt"

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I am getting the same thing and have since day one.  I am not sure what is the problem.  However, I went through an extensive support session wherein the 2nd tier tech connected to my machine checked all my settings, shared the files, etc. all to no avail.  It is funny how it can stream the pictures no problem.  None of the music files work including the sample FIOS music provided. The texh says he was going to research and call me back the next day.  Of course, that was weeks ago and I haven't heard a thing.  Being rather computer and network savy myself I found this problem rather strange being that other media is recognized and playable or viewable.  There is no inherent reason as to why music would be not playble if the file(s) are viewable by the HD-STB.  I thought the problem maybe secretly due to a music copyright issue or something.  I am still experimenting.  I was told that this is a new product with little feedback or support at this time.  Hopefully, someone will be answer this soon.  By the way, I agree video should be the next step as with all other media managers.  Good luck and please post any solution you may come across, as will I.



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Re: Media Manager - "this song has been moved or deleted, or is corrupt"

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Has anyone discovered a solution to the problem of not being able to play an mp3 file?  I can see on the TV's screen my PC's folder with all of the mp3 files, so this is frustrating to say the least.


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Re: Media Manager - "this song has been moved or deleted, or is corrupt"

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UPDATE:  a VZ tech downloaded a new and/or fresh image of the firmware to my HD-DVR, and now both the mp3 files play and the jpg files served by my PC are behaving as expected as of 6/19/09.  When I do a lookup via the onscreen Menu -> Settings -> System Information, it is Release 1.6.2, Build Number 08.58.  However, today 6/22/09, as I write this, the mp3 files will not play while jpg files are OK.  The front panel flashes "h5".  At least I'm not getting the dreaded "corrupt file" message.
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Registered: ‎12-26-2008

Re: Media Manager - "this song has been moved or deleted, or is corrupt"

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2nd UPDATE:  I solved the above problem by opening up my PC's local firewall.  I thought I had done this before, but maybe an update to the firewall software overwrote or wiped-out the settings.  Anyway, spend the effort to scrutinize your firewall settings.
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Media Manager

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How do I add an internet video site to Media Manager Videos? I have only three, including dailymotion, but I do NOT have youtube. I would like to add that one, plus others.How?
Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Re: Media Manager

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You cannot "add" any internet sites.  Earlier Beta versions of the Video Manager software streamed ONLY YouTube from the Internet.  When they went with the release, they DROPPED YouTube and added Veoh, Blip and DailyMotion.  They say that they are working on getting YouTube back as well as adding others, like Hulu, possibly, but that requires negotiations and contracts and such,  One flippant answer I got was that for Hulu content, I should just use VOD for those shows - which is a bogus answer, since VOD doesn't stockpile as extensive a backlog of shows as is available on Hulu.


Anyways, as an interesting note, I was a Beta tester for the Video Manager, and even today, the computer that had the Beta version loaded includes YouTube access in addition to the other three, while my other computers w/ MM loaded (same latest version) only have the three sistes listed.


Go figure.  (The software still works like crap, however)

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