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Non-Verizon DVR pratically worthless

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Non-Verizon DVR pratically worthless

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I have a $400 Pioneer 640 H which I used to love when I had Comcast service. When I switched to Verizon FIOS my DVR did a 25 year backwards step in fuctionally. Now I cannot watch one show and tape another , I cannot record a show on one channel and then record another show on a different channel and best of all I have to keep my tv on the whole time otherwise all I record is darkness. My first VCR 25 years ago could do all of those things.  Verizon tells me that there is nothing else they can do. I believe they configured their system so your forced to spend $900 every 5 years on their crappy DVR. Is there any adapter or anything I can do to fix this. This seems illegal, they have to provide compatibility with other systems.  It's like buying a car then finding out that you can only buy Exon Gas.
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Re: Non-Verizon DVR pratically worthless

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I don't understand your statements - are you saying you are trying to use that Pioneer DVR with FiOS? If so, why? Or what?


Now, if you are talking about using one of the Verizon-provided Motorola DVRs, then you are doing something wrong, or the DVR is broken. You absolutely can (or should be able to) watch one channel and record another, or record two channels and watch something previously recorded, I do it all the time with my DVR. And there is (should be) absolutely no reason to leave your TV on; I turn mine off every night, and all works just fine. I do leave the DVR powered on, there just really isn't much if any reason to turn it off, it uses almost the same power when it is off vs. on, because all of the electronics and hard drive need to be powered on to make recordings, which it will do even if you power it off.


{no personal comments, please} If you would factually provide more detail of what you have equipment-wise, and how you have it hooked up (HDMI, component, etc), and the specific problems you are experiencing, I suspect someone here can help. There are folks here who have had FiOS TV for quite a while, with lots of experience, give them a chance to help. And I would be happy to try to help also, but with the info you provided I have no idea where to even think about starting...


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Re: Non-Verizon DVR pratically worthless

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Having to rent the Fios DVR isn't so BAD! Atleast there is no upfront cost. If you would switch to Direct-TV, you would have to put out $199, pay a montly rental fee, monthly DVR fee, plus the regular programming fee. Fios is only charging you a rental fee and if you do some research, you will find out why your current situation is occuring. Fios is not cable.  
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Re: Non-Verizon DVR pratically worthless

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An option would be to get an RF modulator --Target sells a GE unit (cat #73452) for <$20.00. It takes the STB's composite video (yellow connector) and R&L audio (red&white) connectors and converts them to RF chan 3 or 4 to connect to the Non-Verizon DVR. All cables are included.
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Re: Non-Verizon DVR pratically worthless

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I discovered the same problem with my Tivo.  I LOVED my Tivo - it is far superior to the Verizon DVR, but when hooked up to Verizon it goes from a dual tuner to a single tuner (when the adapter is added, it won't even work without that).  Unfortunately the kids are already in love with having the multiroom DVR function so I'm stuck.


I wish Verizon would study the Tivo and give their DVR the same functionality.  I really hate this one!

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Re: Non-Verizon DVR pratically worthless

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Did you get two cable cards from verizon?  I think that might be what you need
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