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Samsung TV: "Weak or No Signal" when trying to use the cable box

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Registered: ‎08-04-2012

Samsung TV: "Weak or No Signal" when trying to use the cable box

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Model Code: LNT4665FX / XAA
Version: SQ01

I have the cable box plugged into HDMI3 in the TV (and unplugging the HDMI from either end yields a new message so I figure the HDMI cord works) but I only get the message "Weak or No Signal" and a blue screen when I change my TV source to HDMI3 (which is again connecting to my cable box).

I've tried unplugging the box, resetting it by taking out the power, turning things off/on/etc, but nothing seems to work. Is this a common problem and if so, how can this be fixed? We also tested with a second box -- same problem.

Thank you.


EDIT: When I power on my DVD and change Source to DVD that works fine so I don't think the problem is the TV per se.

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Silver Contributor II
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Re: Samsung TV: "Weak or No Signal" when trying to use the cable box

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Have you tried different HDMI ports, such as HDMI 1 or HDMI 2? Believe it or not, sometimes different ports behave differently with the whole handshake/HDCP thing. Ensure your firmware is up to date on the TV. Try a different HDMI cable. They also can behave oddly. You mentioned a second box (STB?) that yielded the same result - was that also plugged into HDMI 3? Have you tried component plus audio just as an experiment? Do the STBs work on any other televisions you may have in the house? There could be a signal issue, so backtrack from the TV through the VZ system to ensure all connections are secure and tight, and no kinks in any cabling. If possible, backtrack to the splitter as well (sometimes they go bad too).  Please update us on this problem.

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Registered: ‎08-04-2012

Re: Samsung TV: "Weak or No Signal" when trying to use the cable box

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Thank you for the swift response.

I should probably give some relevant background, here: I'm at my aunt/uncle's house trying to fix their downstairs TV. There is another working setup upstairs.

The downstairs TV is wall-mounted and most of the cables are being fed through the back of the wall, which come out the other end through a hole-port in the recessed area below which contains the DVD player, the cable box, etc. Both boxes fail on the setup downstairs. I have not yet tested the downstairs box by trying it in the working upstairs setup, but based on what I know so far I think it would work upstairs (but if I have time I will try to make sure).

I wanted to test HDMI1 and HDMI2 (since the DVD works) but I'm pretty sure that those ports are on the back of the TV, unlike HDMI3 which is on the side (so I have access to it). I also wanted to try testing the component mode but I don't have any such cables on me at the moment, nor do I think I could access them easily since those ports are also on the back of the TV.

Google was of little use -- I suspect this is a handshake issue (or at least something similar to it), but I have no idea since I'm not very knowledgable about TV's/cable boxes/etc -- just a Googler. However, since nothing about the cabling has changed, this problem basically came out of nowhere.

I'm trying to see if there's any possibility that this problem can be resolved without basically telling my aunt/uncle that they need to unhook the TV and start making a mess of their cabling management (only to find that nothing helps in the end). I'm leaving in a few hours anyway so odds are if this problem doesn't get resolved they'll have to figure this out with Verizon, but they've been trying this already with limited results.

Anyways, I hope that clarifies things a bit! Thanks again for the reply.

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