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Setting up FIOS TV with ATI All-In-Wonder HD on a PC

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Registered: ‎05-09-2012

Setting up FIOS TV with ATI All-In-Wonder HD on a PC

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I have FIOS with HD programming


I also have an ATI all-in-wonder HD graphics card with TV tuner input


I simply want to know if I can plug coax coming from wall into the TV tuner card and get signal and watch ANY TV channels using PVR software - even windows media center. I am using Windows 7 64 bit. 


I've done research and kind find a direct answer - I get a lot of references to cable cards. I don't really understand how a cable card relates to the TV tuner card.


The other option was to go out from the cable box (HD DVR) into the TV tuner card - but that didn't make sense to me.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Setting up FIOS TV with ATI All-In-Wonder HD on a PC

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If the card has a QAM Tuner on board, it will be able to get stations broadcast in the clear. You'll also hear this called clear QAM. Generally this is local stations and some PEG channels. The rest of the channels are scrambled and will require either a FiOS set top box, or if your tuner card has a cable card slot, you can get one of those to descramble the signal allowing the card to show all the channels. Some tv tuner cards have additional inputs (component, hdmi, etc) that can be hooked to a Verizon set top box. They use an IR blaster to send remote codes to change the channels on the box. Some Tivos withouth cable card slots use this method to function on cable services as well.



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Re: Setting up FIOS TV with ATI All-In-Wonder HD on a PC

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I don't believe that card will work unless it supports simulcrypt.


Verizon began using simulcrypt and most cards are unuseable, but there are some higher end ones that are, like CETON's InfiniTV card.


In general if you get it to work, you would only get local SD and HD, Public access channels. 


All other channels like tnt, tbs etc are considered national programming and are encrypted, which means you either need a cable box or a cable card and compatible device.  



Verizon FiOS Simulcrypt rollout will break most CableCARD tuners



There comes a time in any electronic gadget's life when it becomes useless and although it's inevitable, the length of the useful lifespan can vary greatly. In recent years firmware updates have really helped extend the life of devices, but when the manufacturer has no financial incentive to support older products, it can mean a premature end (at least from the customer's perspective). Well after three years that time has apparently come for FiOS TV subscribers who own ATI Digital Cable Tuners (and many other CableCARD devices). Now before you get too up in arms about this, it isn't really Verizon's fault, you see said company wants to be able to use Cisco and Motorola devices in the same area and this means it needs a tech called Simulcrypt. This is good for most customers as it will likely bring better prices and selection. And although this is a CableLabs certified technology, a firmware update is required to ensure the device handles the encryption properly. So while a company like Ceton or TiVo has already released updates for its devices, ATI and other TV manufactures have long since given up on the CableCARD market, and hence, supporting any legacy devices. The only good news is that you now have the perfect excuse to justify replacing your obsolete device. Don't like this option? Well you can get a FiOS DVR (with it's 2002 circa 160GB HDD) or just file a complaint to the FCC -- this won't do much, but might make you feel better.

[Thanks, Scott!]


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