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Copper Contributor
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Verizon is completely useless. This is what I experienced this week:


  • I confirmed my install appointment three times
  • The technicians did not show up during the window they were supposed to
  • I received no phone calls regarding my missed appointment
  • I spend over an hour on the phone trying to get some answers
  • Two technicians finally showed up, 8 hours late
  • They spent an hour "working", then told me they had a problem and would have to come back
  • I recieved an email from Verizon telling me that they tried to reschedule with me, but were unable to reach me (despite the fact that they never tried)
  • Called the number in that email, and they're telling me they can't try again for more than two weeks
  • On hold now for over 15 minutes just trying to find out what the problem is

Should I just cancel this service before I get it to avoid future problems with these clowns? Also- is there any way to get decent service from Verizon? TWC may be more expensive and have junk equiptment, but at least they don't treat their customers like crap.





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Re: Verizon

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I am sorry to hear that you are had such a bad experience with us. Did you ever get it set back up? Please send me a private message if not so we can get more information from you.


Anthony Taylor

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Copper Contributor
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Re: Verizon

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When I finally got through to someone, that person said they would look into it and call me back. I never got a call back. I called AGAIN in the evening and after spending another 45 minutes, got someone to schedule an appointment for this Saturday from 9am to 12pm.


If you guys fail to show up within that window, I am done trying to deal with your nonsense. You guys should be paying me to use your service at this point.

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Re: Verizon

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I am wondering the same thing. I am curerntly on hold for over 38 min and while being on hold, I have tried the online chat 3 times and it is unavailable. Are there that many **bleep** off customers that I need to wait this long to speak with someone? I believe it! What a waste of my time! Its a shame Verizon is so good at promptly deducting the money from my acount each month, but can't have enough staff to deal with any issues that may arise. What is the phone number for Time Warner Cable??

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Re: Verizon

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I agree with your sentiments. Completely. May God save us all from the inanity of NYC's communications area monster.
PS a fellow sufferer told me one huge problem is that they're too cheap to pull out the 80yr old copper wiring and install fiber optic. They figured out that having a monopoly, getting us to sign up, pay monthly, not fix our aging broken down system, and ignore our service requests was just great for business. Theirs, of course, not ours.

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Re: Verizon

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Seriously.  I would like to know.  Today Verizon got me so frustrated that I am certain 5 years just got knocked off my life expectancy. --long story, but worth reading--

I went there to try to get this "free" upgrade since I'm due and the "free" upgrade is only online (that doesn't even make sense--just have it online and in store).  So, the sales representative says "oh, well, you can order it online and select store pick-up."  So I decide to do that thinking that it will take all of about 2 minutes.  It's my father's account, but I am able to use it also.  So I log onto his account say I want to upgrade my phone and everything--everything is going swimmingly.  Then, it gets to the payment page and it won't let me change the billing address.  Keep in mind that I am trying to pay for my phone with my credit card that does not have the same billing address as my father's.  So I ask for help there to change the billing address and they say it's not possible b/c they are trying to "prevent fraud"--like that makes sense.  So I ask if they have a computer so that I can do the order on there instead of using my phone to do it and the lady says "oh, they took away our computers."  Great, so I try to call verizon for help since the sales representatives are no help.  I get an automated voice (of course) and she is all staticy when she talks to where I can't even understand her--just when she talks--even though I am using a Verizon phone and am in a verizon store.  OH, btw, the sales reps in the store were BLASTING music in there so that I couldn't even talk to my finance who was sitting right next to me.  

So after that frustration I count backwares from 10 and drive back home after an hour at the store trying to order a phone and try again on my computer.  This time I change the billing address on my credit card b/c that's easier than changing my billing address on the verizon website.  I try again and it is trying to change my existent phone number even though it is showing that it is an upgrade--with their upgrade fee of $30 (free phone, eh?).  I get on the "chat now" window and the guy-Luke-doesn't know and just tells me to "go for it" basically.  So, eventually I do and now I'm back to the same billing problem.  However, this time everytime I enter my credit card info it goes to javascript--like what?  Since javascript was not help and it kept going to that over and over, I start all over and do it again and it finally lets me do it.  Then, later I find out somehow it signed me up for some edge plan which was NEVER mentioned and which I NEVER clicked on--**bleep**.   So I end up cancelling the whole thing b/c it would be an extra $100 a month.  Come on Verizon--I thought you wanted people to buy your stuff--take some lessons from Amazon, please!! 

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Platinum Contributor III
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Re: Verizon

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I assume you were trying to order a phone for Verizon Wireless?

This is the FIOS Forum.

Wireless has its own forum.

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Re: Verizon

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These forums are dedicated to Residential products and services offered by Verizon.
For help on Verizon Wireless issues, please post your topic on the Verizon Wireless Community at

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Re: Verizon

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It's 2019 and the service still the same.  I'm looking for a replacement for the TV part of it: they can't seem to keep the channels working.  Too many dropouts, too many picture freezes, too many times the channel I'm watching just disappears.  There's got to be a better way.  Verizon, with all its money, just isn't qualified to be in this business.

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Re: Verizon

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