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A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week with Verizon

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Bronze Contributor I
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A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week with Verizon

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I'll preface this by stating that I had previously been with Comcast, and was tired of on-again, off-again service.  When FiOS became available in my neighborhood in July of 2009, I jumped at the opportunity to switch.  Aside from a glitchy DVR that needed to be returned, I'd grade the FiOS and Verizon experience to be an A+.


Beginning three weeks ago, my view of Verizon has taken a 180. 


On the evening of Saturday, November 19th, I received an e-mail confirming that an order had been placed to change my 2009 Extreme HD + 25/25 Internet bundle over to a 35/35 Internet + Verizon Landline Phone bundle.  Neither I nor my wife had made any such changes.  I immediately called Verizon.  After nearly two hours on the phone with various folks from Verizon, I was told that the change was either due to a system glitch or due to someone in the call center accidently accessing and changing my plan.  After a callback from a tech, I was told that Verizon had been able to remove the 35/35 Internet + Phone bundle, but that they were unable to revert me back to the grandfathered 2009 Extreme HD + 25/25 Internet bundle that I was on.  The main reason that I had not upgraded to a new bundle when my 2-year agreement had ended was that the Tennis Channel had been bumped up the package ladder.  Seeing as how Verizon is still in a dispute with the Tennis Channel, and my own frustration after two hours on the phone, I agreed to have the package updated to the new, 2011 Extreme HD + 25/25 bundle.  Seeing as how I would also save a couple of bucks per month, I was fine with that.  The tech told me that the new bundle would be activiated on Monday morning.


I hung up the phone, and several minutes later, my TV and Internet both shut off.  I called Verizon back, and was informed that this was how the process works.  When someone changes service, it is shut off until the new service can be turned back on.  I was informed that, as this was Saturday evening, there would be no one available to turn the service back on until Monday morning - a fact that I had NOT been informed of in my previous, lengthy phone conversations.  I asked to speak to a supervisor.  He informed me of the same schedule for turning my service back on.  Unhappy as I was, I had no choice.  I asked if there would be an opportunity to receive a discount from Verizon due to 1) My account being accessed without my authorization, 2) My package being changed without my authorization and 3) The interrution to my service.  The supervisor informed that, yes, I would be eligible to get some sort of "unhappy costumer" discount.  He then informed me that he couldn't access or give me any discount until after my servce was turned on (not until Monday).  I asked the supervisor to set up a call back for late Monday afternoon to discuss a discount.  He set up the call back.


On the morning of Monday, November 21st, my FiOS television came back on.  My FiOS internet, however, did not.  I waited most of the day, before calling FiOS and reaching Tech Support.  After 45 minutes running various tests and attempting to Ping the router, the Level 1 tech decided that I had a faulty router (despite not having a single issue prior to my service being shut off two days earlier.).  He decided to ship me a new router seeing as how I don't have a store within a reasonable driving distance.  The Tech assures me that it is simply a plug and play process.


Also of note on this Monday is that I did NOT receive a callback from Customer Service regarding a discount.


On Tuesday, November 22nd, my new router arrived.  I did not have a chance to hook it up that evening.


On the morning of Wednesday, November 23rd, I attempted to hook up the new router.  I ran the "In-Home Agent" CD, and ran into issues.  After 1 hour and 26 minutes on the phone with Tech support, I am told that they don't know what is going on, and will need to send out a Tech to my residence.  The first time they have available is the coming Friday, November 25th.  I have no choice, so I agree.


On Friday, November 25th, the Tech came to my residence.  I will say that this Tech was extremely nice, and was very knowledgeable about FiOS technology.  He spent roughly 45 minutes, running several tests.  It turned out that the FiOS had failed to changed #s on their back end to match the new bundle to the new router.  He left and informed me that he would call me back when things were fixed on the back end.  An hour or so later, he called back, yet the Internet was still not working.  He detoured, came back, and spend another 20 minutes or so on his phone with Tech support before finally getting the Internet up and running.


After finally getting my services all back up and running, I called Customer Service to inquire as to how to get an "unhappy customer" discount.  I stated that I was supposed to have received a call back on Monday, November 21st, but never did.  The agent informed me that there were no discount available.  I asked to speak to a supervisor.  After holding for 30 minutes, I was informed that the supervisor was in meetings and that they would call back before the end of the day.


I never got a call back.


On Sunday, November 27th, I called Customer Service again to inquire about a discount.  The customer service agent became VERY nasty on the phone, and once again stated that their supervisor was unaviable but stated that I would receive a call back by the end of the day.


No call back ever came.


On Thursday, December 8th, my wife and I attempted to watch a program On Demand.  We rarely watch anything On Demand.  We noticed that the On Demand service is not working, but throwing up a notice that we are either 1) not subscribed, or 2) do not have enough credits in order to watch the 'free' programs.




So, as I sit here on Friday, December 9th...


1) In all of my discussions with FiOS, I have still not been able to determine why or how my account was able to be changed without my consent.  One tech told me that it was done over the phone, a supervisor told me repeatadly that it simply couldn't have been changed without my consent, and another supervisor told me that it could have been a glitch in Verizon's system.  Was this a case of fraud?  Has my customer information been compromised?  I highly doubt that I'll ever recieve answers to these qiestions.


2) I was left without TV for a day and half, and, ultimately, without Internet for 6 days, with no forewarning.


3) On three different occassions, call backs had been set-up.  On all three occassions, no call back was received. 


4) An observation from my numerous calls to Verizon is that there is no set standard for verifying and accessing accounts over the phone.  There have been agents who have NOT been able to pull up my account via my phone number, and others that could.  There are agents that NEED my account number, or else they cannot and/or will not access my account.  Still yet, there are agents who needed an account number that was NOT listed on my statement. 


5) I am about to give Verizon another call in hopes of getting my On Demand fixed.  Meanwhile, I'm hoping that a Verizon agent on this board can contact me regarding a discount on my plan due to reasons 1-3 listed above, and better explain issue 1 regarding the hacking of my account. 



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Re: A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week with Verizon

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Sorry to hear about the problems you recently had. We would like to help you out. I have sent a private message to get more information from you.


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