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Technician Charge

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Technician Charge

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It funny how when verizon schedules to send a tech to your home they forget to tell you they  will charge you $100.00 for the guy  to show up at your door.  They never tell you about any fees up front only after the fact.  Verizon is very good at deception and fraud.  If I were told up front about the $100.00 fee, I would have declined the service.  User Beware. 

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Re: Technician Charge

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I called verizon when my internet was not working and the rep tried to fix it but the problem could not be fixed,he then made appointment for the technician to come over in the next  five days.After five days the technician did not show up at all Icalled verizon and asked why the technician did not show up and they rescheduled another appointment after 3 days.The rep explained to me that the problem was with the verizon line and should not worry of any charges, when the finally send me the bill they charged me for $137 for a technician who did not show up and another $91 for technician who came to report to me that the line should be working well.When I CALLED i WAS PLACED ON HOLD FOR 46 MINS.The lady reviewed my account and told me that she was transffering me to the  rep who was to remove those charges from my account.After 20mins hold ,this rep told me that he was not going to remove the charges from my account because anytime the technician shows up on your door you have to pay them 2.5 hours even if they dont do anything?rem,this is not what I was told when they were making the appointment .This guy called himself {edited for privacy} was the most rude disrespectful unproffesional verizon costomer rep I have met in verizon.He continued to tell me arrange for a payment plan if I could not afford to pay the bill because HE WAS NOT GOING TO REMOVE THE CHARGES AND THERE WASNOTHING I COULD DO A BOUT IT.when I asked him to put me on the phone with his supervisor he told me to call back because he had to attend to other customers and  demanded me to disconnect the phone because they are not allowed to hang up on customers.I have been with verizon on and off for about 10years and never been bullied and disrespected the way {edited for privacy} disrespected me. its one thing to disagree with the customers claim, but its another thing to be condescending and disrespectful.The reason I have stayed with verizon even though there services were below standard was my good experiences with their customer service.Somebody should be in aposition to explain to me what made this guy treat me like crapp and why am being coercered to pay for services which were not rendered to me. if this is not a fraud then we need a new dictionary for the defination of a fraud.

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Re: Technician Charge

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Hello atis


Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Before the agent can begin assisting you, they will need to collect further information from you.Please go to your profile page for the forum, and look in the middle, right at the top where you will find an area titled "My Support Cases". You can reach your profile page by clicking on your name beside your post, or at the top left of this page underneath the title of the board.
Under “My Support Cases” you will find a link to the private board where you and the agent may exchange information. This should be checked on a frequent basis as the agent may be waiting for information from you before they can proceed with any actions. Please keep all correspondence regarding your issue in the private support portal.

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Nickel Contributor
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Re: Technician Charge

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All I can say is I feel you're pain. How dooes that old addage go if I had a dollar for every verizon agent that hung up on me when I asked to speak to an american I would take a nice vacation.And you have to speak to a supervisor to get anyone that might have some sort of training.

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Re: Technician Charge

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We've had to close your private support case due to non-response. If you still require assistance, please create a public posting in this thread and we'll reach back out to you.


Thank you,



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Re: Technician Charge

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@rr55 wrote:

It funny how when verizon schedules to send a tech to your home they forget to tell you they  will charge you $100.00 for the guy  to show up at your door .... If I were told up front about the $100.00 fee, I would have declined the service ...

Did it occur to you to ask? Caveat emptor ain't dead yet.

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Re: Technician Charge

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Oh no! I just scheduled a technician to come to my home because my internet keeps going down, and my phone has static. The customer service rep did testing on her end and deemed that I had a bad phone line. The phone issues started the same day of installation, and I should have called Verizon then. But no, I have put up with this **bleep** for 3 months now. 


Now from readin these postings, I find out that they are going to charge me? I'm calling them back on Tuesday to either cancel the appointment, or find out if there will be charges. I am going to get the first and last name of the rep that I speak to, in case I need it later. 


Thank you guys for the heads up! Appreciate it! 

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Re: Technician Charge

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I just had this same problem and wish I would've read this thread ahead of time.  The picture on my screen was pixilated and after a call to technical support [and connecting and disconnecting cables as directed] the problem was not fixed.  The technician on the line asked me if the cable to my box was coming from a router to which I replied "yes" and he specifically said to me "if the router was installed by me [the customer] and the technician had to replace it or the cables coming from it then I would be charged but if it was installed by Verizon then I would not be charged but it was left at the field technician's discretion".  


Since all of the wiring had been done at the initial install I was sure that I would not be charged. Low and behold a charge of $137 on my bill!  I then call to dispute the charges based on the information I received and the rude customer service representative did not want to even hear anything I said and when I asked to speak to manager he said he couldn't reach them and they would call me back.  I'm still waiting for that call....... What a fraud to be charged for Verizon to fix their own equipment especially when we pay such a high cost on a monthly basis.  Then you call them for assistance and they are rude and condescending.

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Silver Contributor V
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Re: Technician Charge

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Actually reading the terms of service is a good start. I know its long, but how many actually read it? I'm pretty sure it covers tech visits and what not in it. I know I have seen it on their website before as well about charging under certain circumstances.

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Technician Charge

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I had a technician come out to my house after 2 months of having on and off issues with Verizons TV serivice. The technician who came was unprofessional and {please keep your posts courteous}. He didn't know what the issue was, he didn't know how to fix it, called someone every 3-5 minutes to try and figure out how to fix it and in the middle of the three hours it took him to do something he took a personal phone call. On top of it, he didn't fix the issue. A day or two after he left the exact same thing happened. I called and they said they'd have to send out another tech and NEITHER time they told me about any charges. Out of the blue I get a $184.50 charge on my bill because the {please keep your posts courteous} technician wrote that the issue was CPE or something which means it was the equipment in my home. If it was the equipment in my home why do I have the ONT box that he swapped out? The same ONT box that says propety of VERIZON on it? This {please keep your posts courteous} was calling someone every 3-5 minutes to ask for help because he did npot know what he was doing, apparently didn't know what the isue was but is saying there's a problem with the equipment in my house? WHAT EQUIPMENT??!!! All my equipment is from FIOS! Verizon is despicable. I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs. This charge is outragoues and the agents are flat out liars. I was never informed of a possible charge. I have canceled the technician scheduled to come and will likely be canceling my service as soon as I get this settled. 

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