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Verizon - Discontinuing MSN Premium...

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Registered: ‎01-06-2012

Verizon - Discontinuing MSN Premium...

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Verizon continues to offer less and less services but continues to find more ways to increase thier profits.  MSM Premium was the best feature that they provided to their DSL Inrternet customers.  Their web site for email, etc.  is not user friendly.  I for one am very disappointed in this move to cancel MSN Premium. 


I sincerely hope others share my opinion and encourage others to voice their dissatification with Verizon.   These types of inconsideate moves against long time and faithful customers by depriving them from a great feature is totally unacceptable.   Between Home Phone, Wireless and Internet services were are talking $2k plus per year.  We/my family will be considering other options for our required services.


Thank you... VERIZON..!!  (You have gone and done it again).

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Copper Contributor
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Re: Verizon - Discontinuing MSN Premium...

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TERRIBLE decision by Verizon. 

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Re: Verizon - Discontinuing MSN Premium...

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I'm attempting to assist my 81 year-old dad who has limited technical skills and limited vision (uses screen magnifier).  He has contacts/address book and there is no way to export these even though the documentation says there is.  I also could not find a way to export the bookmarks (aka Favorites).  What am I missing?  If these capabilities truly are not there, are they stored in a hidden MSN file on his computer?  If so, where?  He has Windows XP. 


Without ways to do these exports or utilities to assist in the transfer the content to VZ's webmail or another email program, the discontinuance of the MSN browser/service is unacceptable in my opinion.

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Registered: ‎02-27-2012

Re: Verizon - Discontinuing MSN Premium...

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I, too, am very disappointed with Verizon discontinuing MSN Premium & I think it's extremely unfair to their customers who signed up for this service as part of a package we paid for. If one of us decided to not pay part of our telephone/internet bill because we decided it was no longer part of our package, they would cut off the telephone & internet!


I'm even more frustrated & aggravated because we're given no specific instructions as to HOW to sign up for the continued MSN Premium services! For 2 days, I've looked all over the Verizon site as well as the MSN site trying to find this so-called form that we could fill out to continue the MSN Premium. They said it would "pop up" when we sign into our MSN account & we could fill it out. But no form has popped up when I sign in & I can't find any way to sign up for the continued MSN service! There's information about the discontinuation, but no solid information as to how to go about getting the discounted price Verizon customers were supposed to be able to get!!! I even did a search on the internet, & still can't find out how to do it.


Has anyone out there found out how we can sign up for the "discounted" MSN Premium service for Verizon customers?!?

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Registered: ‎02-28-2012

Re: Verizon - Discontinuing MSN Premium...

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It amazes me that Verizon can sell you a service and then just decide to take an important component of it away. Even more amazing is that they are screwing us out of MSN and sending all kinds of advertisements to buy more from them. Why would I give more money to company that is going to take just as much money from me and give me less than they originally agreed to? Is it about money? Well Verizon, let me tell you how you can save some without screwing over your customers. Stop mailing out so much junk mail over and over and over...........


I am looking into getting a new provider.

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