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Verizon needs to offer fewer services or better train CSRs

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Registered: ‎04-14-2011

Verizon needs to offer fewer services or better train CSRs

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I was on the phone for 30 mins trying to find out if there was a monthly charge for the personal web page featuer. I just got bounced around from department to department and I still don't know the answer.

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Platinum Contributor III
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Re: Verizon needs to offer fewer services or better train CSRs

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hi there,  PWS is free.   Here's an older FAQ About it .



7.1 Personal Web Space



And here is the current page for Verizon regarding PWS





Personal Web Space Frequently Asked Questions 

Personal Web Space is space on the Verizon Online servers that stores your personal files. Verizon Online gives dial-up customers 5 MB free Personal Web Space and broadband customers 10 MB free Personal Web Space.


You can also purchase more Personal Web Space or, if you have purchased additional space, decrease or delete your space.



To immediately set up your Personal Web Space, visit set up my Personal Web Space now.


Getting Started with Personal Web Space

How do I activate my free Personal Web Space? 
How much Personal Web Space am I allowed to have?


Using Personal Web Space

How do I order additional Personal Web Space?

How can I find out how much Personal Web Space Ive used? ,   
I have a sub-account. Can I use Site Builder and Personal Web Space?  
I don't need as much Personal Web Space as I thought. How do I delete my Personal Web Space?




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Copper Contributor
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Re: Verizon needs to offer fewer services or better train CSRs

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I can totally agree with ur frustrations with Version's CRA, there rude! , poorly trained and will hang up on u when you make a point of Verizon's actions makes no sense. They hang up, they hang up and or put u back in queue, if they don't have a answer, , They refuse to giver out there Employee ID.. Saying they don;t have to. Yet there supervisors say there say they do. But I get the inversion Verizon does very little about reprimanding there CSR or billing reps, or tech reps, the tech reps many seriously have no clue what to do about anything, they will ask per in next cue for advise. ,They do not care how much time they waste with u, cause there getting paid regardless how things work out,

Example: with me TV widget advertises, why watch youth on PC , when cam watch on our TV free, contact tech support. Knowing have to call Verizon about anything is a fretting feeling knowing will get jerked around and upset, so it is valid time before making this phone call was so upset with incompetent tech rep she waited 1 hrs and 45 minutes my time get this plug wait use it later check this down load this also , try this and that and then after 1 hrs an 34 miss , later she says oh, This widget feature is not up and running yet the view youth on TV via down load , I said What!!!! U wasted almost 2 hrs my time made me very upset arguing over color of entenet cable color , red, blue and green means noting as long as the plug is a etnenet plug, but Noooooo she wants the yellow color one make me go up stairs to find that one ,  when I had in hand 2 entnet plugs blue color, and a green color one. I find the  yello one and then she does not want to do direct hook up to pc to modem, instead did and had me do all this dowloading of thinks thats when herd ohhh, this wideget not avalible yet . I was furious requested supervisor's which I got hung up on right away,So , got level 2 tech he removed her stuff, and agreed that etnet plug is a plug color means notnith . I blame Verizon for this. What I want to know while Verizon is count all the millions dollars made from us customers, what is Verizon doing about there incompetent reps in all departs and this out control hang ups, why not have rest supervisors go undercover call as if a customer, knowing in advance which reps our calling , if they fail refuse to give out there I,D . Number , hang up on u when u ask to speak to superior, Or put u back in queue, then as supervisor u now can Fire this rep . Violating complaints polices. Make a example of the fired rep. Then you will see how fast they will get in line.!!

Cause currently things are pretty out of control.  How about put the money down and get into providing good customer an tech support!!!!

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