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Can anyone answer this for me!!!!

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Can anyone answer this for me!!!!

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I live in a some what country area and have been for 7 yrs. I currently have phone and tv service through Verizon. But they do not have any internet available where i live. What i do not understand is that i keep getting offers in the mail about their internet service and how it works, but when I call them they tell me a date of when it might be there. They told me 5 yr ago that not just the DSL would be available to me but also the fois internet would be to in just about a year and a half. Well I can honestly say neither is! When I call them they tell me a date and when i call them back after the date they tell me when it will be available they tell me another one. There are a lot of people where I live that have been living here well over 20 yr+ that have had to use that crappy satellite or slow dial up,that would switch to Verizon in a heart beat! But the HUGE thing that I do not understand is at the end of the street there is a small walk in building that says Verizon, they have told me it is one of the main phone stations in the area, but what funny is it the only one without inernet service! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Plz can anyone tell me when it might become available
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Re: Can anyone answer this for me!!!!

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So you have telephone service through Verizon and you have direct tv satellite service also through Verizon. Is that correct?


Verizon offers two internet services. High Speed Internet (or sometimes referred to as DSL) and FiOS. HSI/DSL is an internet service offered using copper telephone lines and FiOS is broadband service over fiber optic cables.


To get HSI, you need to be within a certain distance from the Verizon Central Office and to get FiOS, Verizon will have had to come through your area and place fiber optic cables.


To check if either HSI/DSL or FiOS is available, go to On the lower right hand side of the screen you will see a section that says "Verizon High Speed Internet" and a place to put in your telephone number.


Once putting in your number and clicking on GO, the site will check to see if HSI or FiOS is available to your home.



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Re: Can anyone answer this for me!!!!

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Unfortunately, Larry's right on target.  Just because there is a building with Verizon on it, there might not be the dslams installed to provide dsl, also known as Verizon High Speed Internet.  It might be just an plain old telephone service.


It's simple economics.  If you really live in a country area, there may not be enough potential subscribers to cover the cost of the equipment installation to provide service to you.  Probably not what you want to hear.  Sorry.



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Re: Can anyone answer this for me!!!!

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I have a similar problem in Virginia. Vz customer server can't tell me how far away I am from the CO, and insist that I dont qualify. This is why I have a problem with that: The houses behind and to either side of me DO qualify. I suspect there are many holes in Vz's database out here on the Eastern Shore. A co-worker of mine who also just moved out here is living in a brand new development, and was also told that he couldn't get it, despite the fact that everyone else in the development could get it, and the development just up the road (<.5 mi) also has it. I also think that maybe my troubles stem from the fact that teh wiring in my house was installed back in 1950, and i dont think has been upgraded. The houses around me have what appear to be new interface boxes with Verizons logo on it, while mine does not. I spoke on the phone with a sales rep who said that they could and would send someone out to verify, and that I would get a call within the week. This never happened. I called the 800 number again, and they refered me to the VA office in Richmond. They absolutly refused to entertain the notion of sending a tech out. so, **bleep**? It costs $4000 to install FiOS, and they are offering it for free. I can't imagine it costs anywhere near that to send someone out to put a TDR on my antiquated phonelines.
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Re: Can anyone answer this for me!!!!

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I feel your pain.  I live in So. Illinios, they can't even give me a date to when they are going to start to update the system.  I live just outside of town, the town has about a pop. of 2000.  It is funny that all the towns around me high speed internet with verizon.  One town has a pop. of about 800 and another has a pop. of about 2500  the other two are larger with pop. of 7500 to 8500.  There is one town close to me that has a pop. of 300 & they even have high internet, so I guess having a low pop. don't really mean anything.  So my only choice for higher speed then dail up was satellite internet which is way high priced, so I went with a ALLTEL usb modem.  The monthly price is a little high, but unlimited download & it runs at 1.44Mbps speed I can't complain to much.  It is cheaper then satellite internet & don't have to but the equipment either.  Until verizon get's off their butts it will have to do.
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