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DSL Customer Service Outsourced and USELESS?

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Registered: ‎09-05-2009

DSL Customer Service Outsourced and USELESS?

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I am steaming. We have been having issues with DSL ever since we changed from a dry loop to one with our home #.  The rep I talked to initially said we "needed a new account" to port my home # to Verizon, so I did it.  Once the "new" DSL was working I was supposed to cxl my old account.


Old account starts woring poorly, low speeds, loss of service, etc.  We split the line and try the "new" account....NOTHING.  Call customer service, barely understand the woman who answers.  She opens a ticket but it's not really related to our problem.  No call back in 24 hours, i call again, talk to a csr who speaks passable english but keeps telling me he needs to "set my expectations"  I ask for a supervisor, am told that "Rick" the supervisor will cmb.  Nothing.


Next day, I call again, s/w "nicki" (or maybe Neeshy?) and she is a Supervisor.  I ask to escalate my ticket again b/c now we are 3 days without service, I have two DSL accounts and can't use either and I surely won't be paying for both.  She says her Manager "rob" will call me back after he gets in.  I give my cell # b/c I am at work.  NO CALL BACK.   The reps just keep telling me that the ticket is active, it's being worked and that i need to set my expectations.


I don't want to just vent here, but really?  I asked to speak ith someone in the US and was told that they can't forward my call to anyone in the US.  I asked to go to the next level but was told that I cannot do that.  I used to provision Verizon loops and work as a reseller/whole-saler of Verizon services.  I am fairly certain that the CSR's don't have any clue what they are saying when they say it.  I still have no service.  I am about to blow my stack yanno?


Why do we pay for service if not to receive service? 



Posts: 2
Registered: ‎09-05-2009

Re: DSL Customer Service Outsourced and USELESS?

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WOW, I got a recorded call from Verizon indicating that "my ticket is still active and being worked on"  WHAT THE HECK?  it was supposedly dispatched into the CO last night, well really, they can test the cable pairs from there.  They should have dispatched a tech to my house by now b/c there's obviously a problem that they cannot fix at the CO.  Of course no live person, and even if I spoke to a live person it would be someone who has only passable english and doesn't understand a single thing about telecommunications.


What fun.  I will be finding another provider rather soon.  I am really tired of this.  Anyone have similar experiences?

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Re: DSL Customer Service Outsourced and USELESS?

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I saw the title of your message and I can tell you their customer service is useless.


My DSL connection went ot on the 2nd of this month, so i call them in the morning 8am to talk to them about it, after about an hour on hold and them figuring out it is THEIR problem at their main office or whatever they inform me someone would be calling me by the end of the afternoon to correct this situation.


I call back at 4:30 and get the same run around, this time they say 24 hours. (This time they said the problem was some kind of software on their part.)


I call back the next day the 3rd and this time they say 48 hours.  (of course i am not waiting that long to call back because i am sre they just forget about people and try to wish their problems away.)


I call back the 4th once in the morning, and once in the afternoon.  In the morning the guy told me it should have been fixed yesterday, in the afternoon the guy says 24hours... (now they are telling me there is a problem with the wiring in their central office.)


So now I call back the 5th and they say, oh your problem will be resolved on the 8th.  If I knew it was going to take so long I would have discontinued my service and gotten another more relialble one.   One that actually works and has tech support that speaks fluent english.  Oh and they said it is most likely to work the 8th.


I hate verizon.

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