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MTU settings in my router

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Copper Contributor
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Re: Terrible and equally insulting technical support answers...

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@Smith6612 wrote:

Modems and routers have improved over the years. The MTU settings for the Xbox's network port should be defaulting to 1500, which is also what the Westell 327w defaults to. PPPoE-based DSL locks your MTU at 1492 due to protocol overhead. It may be possible the Xbox MTU issues are popping up again. Try power cycling your modem a few times to see if another IP address can be pulled that allows things to work.


To be honest as well, I would try to stick with the 327w if you can. They seem to be a bit more solid overall in how they operate, however a newer modem such as the Westell 7500 will give you better wireless range, security, and the DSL hardware installed within it should be a bit better. Routing should also be a bit faster too due to a faster processor and more RAM in the 7500. So for now, run that 327w until it dies I'd say.

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If you want a new ip address, with no hassle, in a fraction of the time then open a command prompt and type "ipconfig /renew", without the quotes.


The MTU setting will be in your router setup or DSL modem setup under "WAN". If you can't find it then you probably shouldn't be looking to change it but keep looking---  you can't really break anyhting unless you type with a hammer.


With regards to DSL there are more in depth ways to find the optimum value for MTU, but chances are that they will lead you to "1492". Best MTU value for DSL = set your MTU to 1492, reboot everything and then check your speed 3 times.  Then change MTU to 1490, reboot everything and check your speed 3 times.   Keep the value that gives you the best results and then call The Psychic Friends Network, ask for Dione and let her know that it worked.  She'll know what you mean.  


Now type "RWIN DSL" (without the quotes) into your search engine and investigate another important value for DSL and windows.

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
Posts: 9
Registered: ‎02-15-2014

Re: MTU settings in my router

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koodos. Thats the best advice I've seen in a blog in a very long time. I'm a computer pro and I still take notes, especially when you are changing settings on a device such as a DSL modem/router.  One wrong change and its offline for the noob.  Even though it should be common sense I commend you for giving such a fabulous piece of advice.  To all of you amateur computer sleuths who don't know your subnet from your gateway address, take notes when making changes or you may suffer (my permission will not be necessary).  Another simple rule to follow is never make a large number of changes at one time.  Keep it simple and make one change then try it out.  If it doesn't help then change it back and try something else.  And although it may not always be necessary a good rule fo thumb when trouble shooting and changing settings is to reboot your router/DSL modem and your computer whenever you make a change.  Its worth the extra minute or two.  Sometimes you can make a change and when you reboot you might find that you can't connect to the internet or worse your router Or often you will find that the changes that you've made won't take effect until you reboot.  You can save time by investing in a 2 minute reboot.   If you've made many changes in between reboots you may find yourself in a trecherous situation (like which change caused my problem to become worse).  Save yourself a lot of headaches: take notes and reboot to test your changes.


There is a page in most router devices that allows you to save the current configuration of your router to your computer.  The same page allows you to restore the settings from the saved file.  I recommend that anyone who is making changes to such a device uses this option to save your current configuration, so that if you find yourself in a dillema you can always restore your router to the saved. known working, settings and at the same time SAVE YOUR DAY!  Best wishes, keep tinkering and when in doubt ask questions. 

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