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Why doesn't Verizon really seem to care about 'High Speed" Internet??

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Copper Contributor
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Why doesn't Verizon really seem to care about 'High Speed" Internet??

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Hello- I don't know if Verizon monitors these forums, but I've NEVER ever had worse internet service than I've had with Verizon's so-called "High speed" internet. I've had technians come out over 5-6-7+ times in the past 2 years, and while Verizon has been VERY helpful on their end, I've BEGGED them numerous times to bring FIOS to my area. And I've gotten 4-5-6 different reasons and excuses why it's not here. My modem goes out at least 2-3-4 times a week and has to be re-set. Every single time it rains(and it rains a LOT in NJ), my modem and internet service either just quits or slows down to less than 1mps. I cannot even get a guarantee of anything close to 5mps all because our complex is stuck with 50yr copper wiring. When other providers/services offer 50-100+mps internet speed I'm stuck with maybe TWO mps on a good day? Even when the internet is running "fast"  ha ha ha, it takes 2-3-5-10 seconds for a page to even try and load. My Netflix is constantly searching for a signal, and the modem is less than 15ft away from my tv. The modem has been replaced-I've re-set it so many times that I'd love to take a hammer to it.. On and on I've heard every reason and excuse why FIOS isn't coming to my area. I cannot get any satellite service due to being surrounded by trees. My only other choice is cable TV which is not only criminally expensive, but offers less for the money than FIOS. I only have one cable choice and it's like $ 135-150 a month?  My internet has been the worse service I've ever ancountered by a telephone company, and Verizon keeps trying. But trying isn't good enough. Do others have the same frustration level with Verizon's internet service as I do? They don't want to spend the money to update my area because there's "only" 25 people back here. Don't we count too? It's somehow not cost-productive to change over lines to fiber optic rather than spending 10's of thousands of dollars annually on service people coming out and re-fixing the same problems over and over? Any others out there like me? I wish I could find a decent internet/TV/phone provider. I am very happy that they do try hard, but like I said- trying isn't good enough. 

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Re: Why doesn't Verizon really seem to care about 'High Speed" Internet??

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So you mention a few things of importance here.


1: What modem do you currently have in use? Make and Model is all I need. I'd like to get the Transceiver Statistics from the modem


2: Do you by chance have a landline with Verizon to accompany your DSL Connection? If yes, do you hear any static on the line, especially when rain is nearby or when the DSL is acting up?


3: What's the speed Verizon has promised to supply to you?

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Re: Why doesn't Verizon really seem to care about 'High Speed" Internet??

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I have to use VPN as per to get decent speeds at least I got BBC Iplayer and all Netflix regions in return.

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Copper Contributor
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Re: Why doesn't Verizon really seem to care about 'High Speed" Internet??

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I am on my second Actiontec 784MNV router....And yes, I do have a land-line also. I used to have horrendous static and line hum whenever it rains which is a lot in New Jersey. They have replaced the boots, some wiring, gone as far as a junction/routing whatever box a few blocks away, and while the servicemen have ALL been awesome and helpful, they CANNOT fix it for good. My internet average download speed  is about 2+ mps which is spotty at best. I was only told that my internet would be "high speed" internet and that I'd be really happy with it. This was when I first became a customer in Feb? 2012.  It goes out at least 4-5 times a week and has to be re-booted quite a bit. I've been given at least 4-5-6 excuses why I cannot get FIOS in my trailer park, and we cannot get satellite due to a lot of woods in the area. My Netflix constantly pauses to try and load a show or movie, and just stops loading alltogether more often than not. I've read a lot of articles where Verizon is slowing down the download speeds on Netflix, and my computer pages usually take 3-4-5 or more seconds to load a page. This is NOT highspeed anything. They are helpful-they send servicemen out, but until all the copper wiring is replaced with fiber optics, this problem will never go away. I DO understand somewhat how i'm limited by wiring and other factors that Verizon cannot control, but this was/and still is advertised as HIGH SPEED internet. My old dial up was faster than this system is some days. My only other choice is Comcast cable. I am tired of hearing empty promises from Verizon. 

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