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VCA Software/Upgrade Issues

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Registered: ‎12-08-2009

Re: New Version of Verizon Call Assistant

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Is anyone having serious graphics issues with the new version?? I am getting odd little horizontal lines all through the real-time display and they actually bleen off of the display to the desktop?? Anyone experienceing this??

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Copper Contributor
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Re: New Version of Verizon Call Assistant

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I just called the Help Center number (which by the way is 1-888-483-5156).  You press 1 for verizon call assistant and the first thing you hear is a message telling you that they are aware of the problem and working on a solution.  I know that companies often put out buggy software, but putting one non-working software and then telling you that they are working on the problem is horrible.  Why not just roll everyone back to the older version.


Phil Goldwasser

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Copper Contributor
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Re: New Version of Verizon Call Assistant

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Wow.  Thank Goodness for this site.   Not that it will help those that previously "upgraded" to the new version.    But having read this when I was out of town this week and before I logged into VCA,   I knew NOT to select the option to "upgrade".    And I am SURE that I WOULD HAVE,  had I not read this in advance.   I know it doesn't help, but Thanks Guys for posting here for others to see this.    

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Re: New Version of Verizon Call Assistant

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I totally agree-  The Upgrade version is much much much worse than the old one.  I want the old one back until they can provide a working program!


Argh. It says I have a voice mail - I don't. There is nothing I can do to erase it.


The CallerID function is pretty useless too-- why do I have to mouse over to see the number?  Most of the Names are "Wireless Caller" or "Virginia"  Gee thanks.


Click on New Calls, what do you get?  the Call log with new calls and old calls all collapsed. Then you have to click again on new calls- Duh I clicked on NEW CALLS -- SHOW ME MY NEW CALLS


Why do I have to agree to the terms EVERY time I run the program - give me a break! (the old version had that too!)


Why is the "Menu" hidden behing a drop down arrow? 


How do you EXIT the program?  I usually have to ctrl-alt-del and shut it down b/c the X doesnt turn it off!


I wonder if the Verizon Call Assistant team has ever heard of Usability testing? Or QA?




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Re: New Version of Verizon Call Assistant

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I semi have the software at least recording calls but it does take a few minutes to update.. I have the popup screen working on Windows XP.. I am having a problem with the edit feature... (Is anyone else?) I would also agree regarding the pop-up box.. Is there a place to download the older version and revert back to it???  At least let us do that...(Or provide some faster assistance.) I have tried to contact a representative today but when a rep came on the line and i said hello we were disconnected. It happened 2 times.


When i go to the name i want and click on edit nothing ever happens...



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Registered: ‎12-17-2009

Re: New Version of Verizon Call Assistant

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I just added FIOS TV + INTERNET + PHONE.  I must say that the Call Assistant, both the web interface and the desktop client are so disfunctional they wouldn't qualify as alpha code in any programming shop.


On the web interface, every click has a good chance of leading to 25-30 second of "loading.." frequently followed by an error, like "error while retrieveing call log information"  or  "We're unable to complete your request right now".


If I keep trying, I eventually get to the screen I'm trying to get too, only to get more of the same. I've yet to have one successful session on the website or listen to a single voice mail.


The desktop client looks like it was put together by a 12 year old taking a summer java programming class and works just about as well.  From a usablity / user-friendly perspective it breaks every rule.


- Prompt to "accept" every time you log in.

- Can't have it auto-login w/out entering a password on my personal computer at my home.

- The dashboard sometimes shows bits and pieces of the desktop embeded around the edges, the header bar truncates my name, etc.


On the funcitonal side:

- Caller Id is never displayed. I have 9 "voice messages" and none of them show the caller id.

- Trying to play a voice mail always results in a pop-up "failed to download the voice mail"

- The display as a side bar feature is neurotic. When I hover my mouse over it, it pops open the dashboard, but when I try to go to the dashboard it collapses again. If I keep the mouse on the sidebar, it opens/closes the dashboard about once per second. I've disabled this feature and I just open it form the icons at the bottom of the screen.


To date I've been unable to successfully use call assistant ONCE after 3-4 days of trying. I've tried on XP and Windows 7, on IE8 and  IE6, web vs. desktop client, etc. 


As a professional in the IT world, I would be embarassed to show this software to anyone without first clarifying that this is pre-pre-beta / proof-of-concept software not ready for prime time.


The only reason I haven't cancelled my Home Voice Mail and gone back to my reliable answering machine is that I kept thinking I must have some problem on my side. No way a large company like Verizon would ever expose their customers to such a badly finished product.


I guess I was wrong. I'll have to call verizon tomorrow and cancel the voice mail part. 


Very VERY disappointing.



Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: New Version of Verizon Call Assistant

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Call Assistant requires that you go to and there you must enter your current Voice Mail password in order for the CA software be able to retrieve your voicemail.  This means, if you want to use the voice mail feature with the CA Desktop client, you must FIRST go to the website and set up the account by entering current password.  Thereafter, you will be able to retrieve, listen, save and delete voicemail.


 The one problem that I do see is that Caller ID pop-up is NOT working.  I was under the impression that with previous releases an incoming call would generate a pop-up on the computer.  I would very much like to know if the software initially removed this feature or is if it is not working.  If not working, it would be great to see a hotfix released ASAP.


Other features that would be helpful would be a Do Not Disturb feature, the ability to BLOCK incoming calls by number and types such as "Unavailable" including the ability to create a White List - numbers that should always be allowed through even if Do Not Disturb is activated.


For FiOS Voice customers, I see there is an option to switch to FiOS Digital Voice which offers many features and that may be the solution for us.


Call Assistant is on the right path - though perhaps more iobi style features would make it just right.

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: New Version of Verizon Call Assistant

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Regards to the PC Client software  CID popup not working - issue resolved by logging into - deactivating the notification popup and reactivating it.  It seems the system needed to be refreshed.



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Copper Contributor
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Re: New Version of Verizon Call Assistant

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I have been using the latest Call Assistant since it was intoduced.. but am finding the way taht it pops up very annoying and wanted to change the way that it works.


Windows has scroll bars on the right side of a window.. and when I try to scroll down longer pages tahn will fit on the screen, up pops VCA!


When I try to enter 'Settings' from the top line drop down, nothing happens. Nothing happens when clicking on 'Web Portal', 'Profile', 'Settings', 'Feedback' and 'Help'. Add widgets works as does 'Theme Settings' and 'About'.

I assume that VCA should integrate with my browser - Firefox 3.5.6..


Can anyone help?

thanks in anticipation



Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Re: New Version of Verizon Call Assistant

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When the applicaition is 'tucked away' on the right,  you will see the Call assistant 'tab'.   This tab has, going from the bottom to top, the # of Voicemails, # incomings and an open lock.  Click on the lock to lock it from automatically popping out.  (yeah, I know, real intuitive).  It will now lock it so whenever you scroll on the right side, it will no longer pop-out. 


If you lock it and want it to pop out to see something, must click on the double arrows at the bottom of the tab and it will pop until you minimize it.


Hope this helps,


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