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Thank You Verizon for 1.9

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Registered: ‎01-18-2012

Thank You Verizon for 1.9

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Just wanted to say thank you for the 1.9 software.

After switching from dish over a year ago the only thing I regretted was the functionality of their guids and dvr.

Now after this update I am glad to be able to do most of the things I could do before and have the better FIOS experience.


As for the people complaining about it they must not have been using the old interface as I find this one much much better.

The few things that are different are still no match for the upgrade to everything else especially being able to use the dvr from second box,before you could only ply it but now I can record and delete,Much much better and what was missing from dish experience.

Thanks again

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: Thank You Verizon for 1.9

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I agree and like the new interface very much.  Yes, it was a long time coming but worth the wait.

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Re: Thank You Verizon for 1.9

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It's nice to hear some gratitude for a change.  I honestly don't understand myself what all the complaints are about.

Silver Contributor II
Silver Contributor II
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Re: Thank You Verizon for 1.9

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Q, I think there are some understandable reasons why so many complaints have been filed.

1. First, VZ was ill-prepared for the IMG 1.9 rollout by not stockpiling sufficient 7xxx series boxes to do the guide justice. I have a 6xxx box as well as a 7xxx, and although the 6xxx is navigable, it is clearly inferior to the 7xxx.

2. Secondly, some people have legitimate vision issues, as not all of us are 20/20 rated. Since we all have differences, there needs to be a tweakable aspect to the programming to adapt for those limitations. We see this with all computer OS, in which fonts and icons and such can be tailored to one's needs. I don't know if there is a  requirement of the Americans With Disabilities Act to offer such modification routines, but it would have been just plain good customer care to provide for it. 

3. Thirdly, the way we watch TV is evolving. We have grown up with analog TV and all our viewing habits are based on that technology. Analog presented all information in a macro scale projected on the inside of a glass tube, or a screen for projectors; but the point is that information was on a big scale. People would put a small TV in the corner and sit 15 feet away because they could see the detail just fine due to the big scale. Not so with digital TV that presents information as tiny pixels. The human eye cannot resolve the tiny pixels when far away, so the information "bleeds" into the surrounding background and blurs. It is counter-intuitive, but with today's big-screen TVs one would actually sit closer to see the fine detail. Why? To replicate the "Going to the movies" big-screen experience where the screen fills your field of view. Sitting close to a modern TV gives the viewer a detailed, fine edged picture without need to resort to the sharpness control, or any kind of edge-enhancement processing. See the following chart:


In short, the industry is changing how we regard the TV experience from "watching TV", to something more like "theater experience". My region just got the upgrade a few weeks ago, and I like it so far. But I sit at close to recommended distances mostly. On the bedroom TV with the 6xxx box there are definitely some problems as I increase the distance backing into the hallway, so I don't do that. Just my two cents.  

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
Posts: 539
Registered: ‎10-05-2011

Re: Thank You Verizon for 1.9

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I understand that to a point but I don't get upset when I have to deal with changes like that.  We have all been there with the analog TV and I'm always going to feel that analog antenna reception was a lot cheaper since it wasn't provided by any cable or fiber optic company; and more dependable because it wasn't coming from any cable or telephone wires.  There was no logical reason for that be taken away and now if you want decent TV reception, you have to pay all of this money to a private provider.  Fios is never going to be as dependable as my analog radio which picks up the signals with a rabbit ears TV antenna.


As far as reading the guide is concerned, I had that sort of trouble in the beginning because I was still using my analog TV but ever since I replaced it with a flatscreen, everything has been fine.  What was I going to do?  Keep on complaining without doing anything about it?  The bottom line is that the resolution of an analog TV is limited and is uanble to handle the HD graphics, which is why the colors bleed into each other as you described.  With the changes in the technology, the analog TV is now a relic of the past and has had to go.  I understand the need to hold onto things for as long as possible because I was raised the same way but sometimes you don't really have a choice.  Over the long run, Fios is an even bigger expense than the one time purchase of a new TV.  You can also switch between SD and HD if you want the print to be larger or smaller.  I keep my TV at a distance exactly where I had kept the analog TV and I can see everything just fine and I'm nearsighted.  I can even see everything on my TV just fine from my kitchen.  The only difference now is that I keep my 26" TV parallel to where I am sitting because the picture isn't as good if I view it from an angle.  


And yes, an older set top box of the 6000 series can't handle the new guide either and needs to be replaced by a newer set top box.  So if you can get the upgrade, your problem with navigating and viewing everything will be resolved.  Verizon was definitely poorly prepared for this and the communication about it had a lot to be desired. 


I don't know what else there is to say.   Whenever I have to replace things like that and learn new technology, I figure out what I need to do to solve the problem and move on.  It's nothing worth dwelling on or getting upset about.   I just don't understand why it's such a big issue.  If I am sounding insensitive in any way, I apologize.



Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Registered: ‎04-01-2011

Re: Thank You Verizon for 1.9

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I agree with the OP, I came from Dish and when we got 1.9 it was a nice upgrade and closer to what Dish and Direct had for years.  My guess is the crowd that never had an experience with either sat company didn't like the transistion because it was very different than what they were used to, and a lot of people don't like change.  Unfortunately with today's technological advances change is a constant so we have to get used to what we like won't be around very long before it is "Upgraded" and replaced.

Silver Contributor II
Silver Contributor II
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Registered: ‎02-14-2012

Re: Thank You Verizon for 1.9

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I love the new guide myself. The old one was so dark, dull, and boring. It didnt even take up the whole tv screen. How could that be any good? I dont have the best vision anymore and sit a good 12 feet away from my 37 inch tv and can see the guide just fine. I can actually see it better now then before. I think a lot of people who complain about the colors and contrast just need to fool around with their tv settings to change it to where it works.



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