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very displeased with "bait and switch" sales tactics! i sent a lettwer with the details, but of course it was ignored.

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Copper Contributor
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Re: complaint

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I also received AWFUL service last week (11/2 through 11/5). I had the original Verizon's ActionTec router that split CATV and the internet. It only has four ports and one WiFi. I had piggy-backed a LinkSys BEFSR81 to it that had eight ports. The LinkSys was about five years old and began to fail, so I bought a NetGear 8 port router to replace the ActionTec and the LinkSys devices.


I ran a CAT-5 line from the modem in the basement to the upstairs without a problem. (I have a CAT-5 line tool that verifies the cabling). I plugged the CAT-5 cable into the Ethernet port on the VZ modem but all I got was a red MocA light. I could not connect to the net. So, I called tech support on Friday night.


With all apologies to those who suffered from Sandy (I lost power for 39 hours), support had lots to handle. I was on hold for at least an hour before a techie took my call. He did not know what to do. I tried later and got another techie who said he'd send a VZ technician to my home this Monday AM to fix the modem.


My gut told me the solution had to be more simple than that. After all, VZ had been able in the past to fix CATV problems remotely by sending a command to the set-top box. I called again and got a techie that had no simple answer. I persisted and asked to talk to a supervisor. He said he'd send me to high-level support. I thought I might be getting somewhere finally.


I spoke with a woman named Corey. She asked me what my problem was and then for my account information. Oh, I thought VZ had the capability of forwarding that type of information to its systems, but nnnnoooo! I told her about the connection between the modem and my router. She could not understand the problem. Instead, she tried to sell me a support package for around $89 that would allow me to talk to VZ's uber-techies for help not only on VZ hardware but also for viruses, e-mail, printers, and just about anything. She would not forward me to an uber-techie. I finally asked her if she were a salesman. She admitted she was. I do NOT believe she was as dumb as I thought she was; she was just trying to wear me down. 😞


I told her how disappointed I was with VZ's support. I told her that I was trying to avoid a needless service call when I thought that VZ could remotely fix its modem. I got absolutely NOWHERE with this woman!!!


Late Monday afternoon the technician came to my house. I told him my problem. He used his cell phone to call-in a change to my modem's settings. He said he could NOT understand why VZ support sent him on such a simple issue when he had more important ones to solve! I told him I could not agree more. He was very helpful in that he waited for me to access the net and to verify a few more connections I made through my NetGear router.


The roving technician certainly was competent and friendly as opposed to the helpless or hopeless saleswoman who tried "dancing" around my problem.

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Employee Emeritus
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Re: complaint

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We sent you a message on our private support board to assist you and we did not receive a response.  Please repost the issue if you are still experiencing a problem so that we may assist you.  Tonya C.

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Copper Contributor
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Re: complaint

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I saw the e-mail notice that you sent me this evening, 12/6/12. I had an operation on 11/19 to replace both of my TMJs so I've been in some pain since then.


I have four issues with the process of getting private messages: a) the e-mail did not take me directly to the reply, b) after signing into my account, I did not see any envelope icon in the upper right-hand side; I had to search for my user-name before I could find it, c) I had to "hit" Elizabeth to get the message, and d) why is there another person (you) answering Elizabeth's reply?


I have two questions: a) why can't you send the direct link the reply? I see this process as clumsy, at best; and b) why can't one person take ownership for an issue?


Anyway, I disconnected the Actiontec modem. I put it in the basement next to the Verizon FiOS box. Am I paying for that awful piece of junk on a monthly basis? If so, I want to stop that. Tell me what the process is. How do I return the ActionTec router?


If it weren't for the duopoly (Verizon and Comcast) that services metro-Boston, I would find another vendor. I know I called during Hurricane Sandy, but when your field staff came to my house and told me he could NOT understand why he had to make a house-call, that tells me something is wrong with Verizon's trouble-shooting algorithm.. He made a small change to the modem so that my CAT5 connected worked.


Finally, your reply does not even address the abusively long time I had to spend with your tech staff nor the time that the field tech wasted coming to my house. The allegedly senior tech person was a saleswoman who knew next to nothing technical. She just kept returning to a support package to handle computers, printers, modems, etc after I tried to explain the issue. I began to think she was just trying to wear me down with her ignorance. All I wanted to know was how to connect a CAT5 cable to Verizon's modem in my basement.

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