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How do I submit a complaint to Verizon?

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Registered: ‎04-21-2014

How do I submit a complaint to Verizon?

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Does anyone know if there is a way - other than posts in this forum - to submit a complaint to Verizon about its customer service?  Or am I doomed to wander Verizon's barren wasteland of customer service for eternity?


Several weeks ago, I called to order a premium channel and was offered a 50% discount.  I accepted, the channel was turned on, and yesterday I received my bill, with the channel charged at full price.  I called the same number again tonight to get the discount applied, and was told it could not be applied because the Verizon system did not show that I made any calls to Verizon...since 2012.  Had it all been a dream?, I asked myself.  But no, there on my bill it showed that I had clearly called to order the premium channel on March 27th.  Looking back now, I'm not sure why, but I spent several minutes trying to understand how this could have happened, and why it could not be easily remedied by simply honoring the discount, but I had no success.  I asked to escalate this with a supervisor, who I hoped would be able to solve the mystery of the missing discount for me.  Wouldn't you know it, the rep informed me, the supervisors are all in a meeting!  And, miraculously, it was scheduled to end exactly when the customer service office closes, so I would not be getting a return call tonight.  I asked to submit a complaint, upon which I was told I could not submit a complaint about the discount, because there was no notation of the call on which I was offered said discount.  Before my mind had a chance to explode, I asked if there were any other avenues for submitting a complaint about this.


Surely that customer service rep is cackling to herself now, having delivered me into the kafkaesque hell that is the Verizon customer service website.  Initially presuming some reasonableness in the design of a major website, I began by clicking on the "Contact Us" link for billing questions, and was rewarded with reams of options for registering my complaint; alas, they appear to have been written in white font on the white Verizon backdrop:

Screen shot 2014-04-21 at 11.46.19 PM.png

Forging ahead, I imposed upon the friendly looking avatar in the upper right to ask the question, "How do I make a complaint?"  The response was vexing indeed:


Screen shot 2014-04-21 at 11.45.26 PM.png

I wondered, am I . . . the first one ever to complain to Verizon?  How else to explain the machine's inability to comprehend such a simple request?  Excited now, I pressed on for a solution, and found that I could try the Verizon support "community."  So here I am, asking why Verizon would lead me on this path to air my complaint for all to see, my criticism snowballing, rather than provide an easy way to seek an answer to my original question.


Unfortunately, unlike fictional travelers of an infinite loop, attempting to navigate Verizon's "customer support" has cost me an hour of my night and fair amount of my sanity.  If anyone has any ideas how to escape this, they would be very much appreciated.

Khoros Partner
Khoros Partner
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Re: How do I submit a complaint to Verizon?

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Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please go to your profile page for the forum, and look in the middle, right at the top where you will find an area titled "My Support Cases". You can reach your profile page by clicking on your name beside your post, or at the top left of this page underneath the title of the board. you will find a link to the private board where you and the agent may exchange information.


To ensure you know when they have responded to you, at the top of your support case there is a drop down menu for support case options. Open that and choose "subscribe".This should be checked on a frequent basis as the agent may be waiting for information from you before they can proceed with any actions. Please keep all correspondence regarding your issue in the private support portal.

If a forum member gives an answer you like, give them the Kudos they deserve. If a member gives you the answer to your question, mark the answer that solved your issue as the accepted solution.

Employee Employee
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Re: How do I submit a complaint to Verizon?

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We did not hear back from you on your Private Support case. Again, thank you for allowing us to assist you, in the correction of your HBO special promotion.

If you require further assistance in the future, feel free to make a new post, and we can be sure to look into your issue. As always, we're available for support around the clock.

Thank you,


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Re: How do I submit a complaint to Verizon?

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Well, when you get some good advice, please pass it on because I too was routed here. In the hopes that some errant manager, administrator or Board member might see and act on it. 

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Registered: ‎04-29-2014

Re: How do I submit a complaint to Verizon?

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You wrote - "... attempting to navigate Verizon's "customer support" has cost me an hour of my night and fair amount of my sanity."


ONLY an hour?  You must be more efficient than me.  I waste more than that trying to find answers.


I've had Verizon DSL for at least 5 years; but it was marketed thru my ISP - Net Access.  They got out of the residential market and I had to switch directly to VZ.  Now I have to reset my modem at least once per week. 


It seems the previous modem was more stable.  And I can't get thru to anyone to talk this over.  I am annoyed.



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Re: How do I submit a complaint to Verizon?

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Two days now, I have been attempting to get an answer. Yes, I have a complaint. And, the documentation to support it exists. Have been a long time FiOS customer in Newton, MA (must be over 15 years). We were one of the first on our street to pioneer with Verizon. And, we have had nothing but great things to say about the product service, technical support (when needed) and the customer support (when needed). We are in the process of retiring to Virginia and on our list of "needs" was a FiOS wired home.

On July 28th, Verizon confirmed FiOS was available in the actual UNIT we were looking to buy (this knowledge led us to seal the deal on the condo -- that's how important FiOS quality and service is to us!). Here is a copy of our resulting online Verizon FiOS order for service at the condo that we purchased on August 4th. I also have an accompanying transcript of the Chat discussion where an actual (as in "alive") customer service agent walked me through this order. We ordered all the same FiOS services as we had in Newton, FiOS to FiOS. (Note the titles "FiOS" that appear below on our actual order ).

Service Address

[address redacted]

Order Info

Order number: VA111... [redacted]
Order date: Jul 28, 2015

View a copy of your Billing Estimate

Included in this order:

FiOS Internet 30 Mbps/ 5 Mbps

FiOS TV Ultimate HD


View Channel Lineup

On August 5th, the Verizon technician arrived as scheduled to complete the hook up to FiOS. Let's get to the point. What we have in our condo is internet, cable tv, and phone (yep, the bundle) delivered over a DSL phone line! Yes, FiOS fiber optic is connected to the building's basement. And ends there. From that point on, a telephone wire is used to connect the condo down to the FiOS line in the basement. A DSL telephone wire (from the stone ages!!) that is incapable of providing FiOS quality and speed. This deception has led us to purchasing a home that does not have the Verizon services promised by Verizon. To say we're disappointed does not even BEGIN to capture the emotions we are experiencing.

VERIZON: Will someone there, with authority, contact us about running coax cable instead of telephone wire and make this right?


Moderator Moderator
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Re: How do I submit a complaint to Verizon?

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Hello habermehl,

While a Verizon employee may occasionally post here, this community is meant mainly for peer-to-peer support. If you need to talk to a Verizon representative, you should contact customer service directly through one of the options available at Contact Us.

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Re: How do I submit a complaint to Verizon?

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That is the conundrum, isn't it. For 2 days I've tried using the various "contact us" methods on unsuccessfully. My hunt will continue though! Thanks for the clarification.

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