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Illegitimately destroying credit score on the basis of a fradulent claim of $55.61

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Illegitimately destroying credit score on the basis of a fradulent claim of $55.61

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VZ fraudulently claimed I owed them $55.61 even though they owe me since they inexplicable BILLED me two months in a row after I had called and officially disconnected my services. I was sent a disconnect confirmation at 7:32 AM on Mar 14, 2019. Since I paid the full amount in the previous billing cycle and disconnected in the middle of the cycle, I had already prepaid for the duration of time that occurred prior to making the disconnect call. I should not have been billed on March 27 to begin with since the service on that account had been disconnected on the 14th and the monthly payments, as noted by Verizon CSR, is not for the current month, but for the following month. They fraudulently billed me for a service I did even have access to and then had the audacity to magically increase the charge to 55.61 for the phantom/non-existent billing periods dated April 27 and May 27. Yes, VZ overcharged me by abusing  autopay permission and then proceeded to abuse me further by harassing me for money I did not owe them and having the audacity to report an illegitimate delinquency in a pathetic effort to tank my credit score, for a piddly $55.61. After I manually turned off autopay from the account, even though the CSR I spoke to on Mar 27 said that I would not need to and it would be done automatically following the end of the disconnection call. This did not happen as noted by the fraudulent charge of 47.53 made two weeks after my disconnect call. I tried calling and speaking with more CSRs than I can count. All of them were extremely rude, determined to be of no assistance, and outright mean (one of them described Verizon as a multimillion dollar company, which I promptly corrected by noting that it is a multibillion dollar company). They demanded I pay more money even though Verizon had stolen from me by taking money for services that were not provided since the service had already been disconnected. Now, this multibillion dollar monopoly felt the need to REPORT their fraudulent bill to a myriad of collection agencies and to every credit reporting bureau known to mankind, in effect destroying the credit score I had carefully and diligently cultivated for years. I am being harassed by unsavory debt collection agencies when Verizon is the entity that owes me money. Given the impunity with which Verizon has abused and harassed me, I have no hope that Verizon will actually do anything to this desperate plea for help, but am still conveying the details of this ordeal prior to submitting a longer letter with the relevant data to the appropriate authorities. Despite having a monopoly hawking substandard services and being a multibillion dollar company, Verizon still feels the need to fraudulently steal from hardworking, loyal customers and then proceed to completely destroy them financially via illegitimate credit reporting.


Oh yeah, forgot to mention that the worst part of all this is that I'm still a CURRENT VERIZON FIOS CUSTOMER who is stuck with the abysmal and obviously defective 'Quantum Gateway,'  that Verizon rushed to push out despite knowing it was defective and conveniently releasing the G3100  for a quick profit boost after sufficient suckers got stuck with the dysfunctional Quantum Gateway. 

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Re: Illegitimately destroying credit score on the basis of a fradulent claim of $55.61

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Hi manavi4,

As this is a peer to peer support forum, you will need to contact Verizon directly for assistance. We have sent you a private message with contact information for a dedicated specialist who is able to help resolve your issue.

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Re: Illegitimately destroying credit score on the basis of a fradulent claim of $55.61

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Wow this is why I don’t advocate auto pay for Verizon or any company, it is just to easy to see your money taken out of your account.


however prices so low as you are stating I wonder what plan you had. ?


with all these issues why would you use them again? And they must have notified you of what the charges are for. I would assume the $10 was a $5 late fee for the two months which brought you to that amount. However we are customers here and I can only guess so try calling again.


you can try executive esclations at this link


and see if that gets you anywhere.


best of luck


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