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Verizon lies

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Verizon lies

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Just wanted to share my awesome experience with Verizon.


After a very problomatic installation (an all day event that included a badly cut hole in my wall and a broken wire), I was read to get going with my Verizon service. Only to find that after my first month i was being charged way more than i agreed to. After calling verizon customer service it was determined that someone signed me up for a rate that costed about 10 dollars more than advertised. I finally got a valued customer credit applied to my account for 12 months and was told by the rep to ask for it again at the end of 1 year or ask for a different bundle as Verizon was known to allow their customers to do these contract switches after a couple months i saw a new bundle price pop up online that was 5 dollars cheaper. So i called Verizon up and was told that i could renew a 2 year contract at this price. Happy so far with how they recified issues, i said sure to the 2 year contract and again was told that in a year when the 20 dollar credit expired, that i could call and get it reapplied for the remaining year.


Generally speaking, the service was fine for the remainder of the year. When the 12 month period came up i called to get the credit reapplied and they said they would definitely get it taken care of for me. After a month, the price went up another 30 or so dollars. I called up and i still dont understand the explanation to this day, but shame on me because the rep convinced me that the credit had been applied and that what i was seeing was a prorated cost. They may have been right about prorating my bill, but on the next month i saw that the credit was still not applied to the account so i called up again. The rep admitted it wasn't there and said she would take care of it for me and I took down her name this time to reference in case any other issues arose. One month later... yet again no credit. I called Verizon one last time and gave the name of the rep. They looked in the records and said they saw notes about the conversation but nothing about a credit being approved and after some arguing they said they would do it right then and there for me and gave me a refrence number of the transaction. When i asked for the previous months credit they said they would not give it to me and I did not push back as it wasn't worth my time. 10 months later my HD starts acting up and i cannot get a consistent signal on my TV. I called Tech support and they said the splitter was doomed and that a technician would have to come out and replace both the splitter and the box. Before agreeing to it i saw info online about just unplugging the splitter and tried that and it worked fine after that.


Here I am 2 months after that at the end of my renewal. Hearing commercials about 300 dollar visa credits for new customers. I called in and said i wanted this for renewal. They brought me to the page where i could find this offer. On that same page i noticed my renewal price would go up 20 dollars. I said i haven't had the best 2 years with verizon and would appreciate the 20 dollar credit to be applied with the renewal. They said no. After 10 minutes of pointless back and forth i said i would not renew and the rep told me to call customer service to get the 20 dollar credit per month. I called and the guy confirmed that this could be done and told me that he had no access to the online renewal price so his price would only be 15 dollars off. He told me to fight with the chat rep and ask for a supervisor to get the full 20 dollars. So I went back to the chat and was still told there was no way even though their own rep on the phone admitted there was. I asked for a supervisor and they said that they would transfer me but that i would not get the 20 dollar credit. So I used the taboo "Comcast" word and was brought to a different department i talked to a fourth person about the same thing. I started off the chat with "if you cant get my the price i want then i dont need to have this conversation". She said she could help me with prices and then quoted me 10 dollars OVER the original renewal rate. So now i'm up from 104.99 to 114.99. I copied and pasted the price from their account page and she insisted this wasn't my offered price and that i was reading it on another page. I copied and pasted the whole page that said "upgrade and renewal" and hte part that said "your renewal price". She then told me she could do nothing else for me and that i should order from the website. I told her i wasn't interested in that price, i wanted the 89.99 that i had been paying and that new customers are offered. She said no so I said i would cancel.


Thats where it ended. Amazing how unwilling verizon is to help their existing customers. All they care about are new numbers to report on but give their existing customer base an awful experience.

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Re: Verizon lies

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I am sorry that you are having these billing problems. I have sent you a private message to get more information from you.


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Re: Verizon lies

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I suspect that Verizon customer service is secretly run by Cablevision in an effort to get FIOS customers to come back.  If that is the case, I think their business model is working.  I find that every time that I speak to a customer service representative at Verizon ( I have done so 4 or 5 times in the past 3 months) I get a completely different story about why my rates keep changing.  In my last bill over $50 in bundle credits mysteriously disappeaard from my account and my bill jumped from $137 to $184 per month.  When I asked the representative from Verizon why these bundle credits which it clearly stated on my previous months bills did not expire for another year had been removed, I was told that they shouldn't have been offered to me in the first place and I was no longer entitled to them.  It must be nice to change the contract rules whenever you feel like it so that the customer feels raked over the coals.  A day later I called back Verizon because Showtime had been removed from my service (not at my request), and I got a completely different story.  Not only was the story different, but so was the price.  When I voiced my displeasure with Verizon's lack of honesty and transparency and inability to effect simple order changes the representative seemed completely oblivious to anything that would resemble customer service.  For these reasons and other incidents posted by other people on this forum, I am convinced that the cable companies are running the customer service operations at Verizon.  It is a shame since I do like the FIOS product.  I will miss it when I go back to Cablevision.

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