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Verizon's inability to manage information is destroying my credit

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Verizon's inability to manage information is destroying my credit

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Hi, my name's Robert. I had been a member of Verizon {edited for privacy}) for a good long while, but now that I cancelled my service , Verizon has seen fit to destroy my credit in retaliation. Not cool, guys.


I cancelled Verizon services roughly a year ago, and being rid of verizon's billing department has been an uphill battle ever since. I had been back and forth between verizon and comcast for several years now. Never missed a payment, dealt with the skeevy practices involving third party charges being tagged onto my account. I was actually a happy customer until last year, when I cancelled my services to move to something cheaper. In may I called to cancel, had comcast installed, and a week later returned the hardware.


I've had nothing but trouble ever since.


After cancelling, a month later I incurred a charge. I had expected this, plus the early cancellation fee, for cancelling in the middle of a month's billing cycle. A month after that, however, I incurred another charge. After spending an hour on the phone with service, I was assurred that the service had been cancelled, that the information had somehow not gone through when I initially cancelled, and that the bill would be wiped clean.


A few months later, I recieved a letter informing me that I owed roughly 500 in back pay, and that my service was in danger of being cancelled. Livid, I turned to service again for answers. I had to wade through people who didn't understand what I was asking, people assuring me that -I- had made a mistake and hadn't cancelled. Eventually I was sent up above to a district manager, who after asking a few questions finally went back through the -annotations- on my account and discovered  that I had indeed called service some months ago, and cancelled my account.. but whatever schmuck I had spoken to had never properly filed the information. My cancellation had been "black holed," in her words. She then assured me that there would be no further charges to the billl, but I would eventually have to pay off two months of service , the months before I initially called service to ask why my service wasn't cancelled. If there's actually a service rep out there reading this, I don't recall her name, but I do have her number, and I do have the confirmation code about my service change. {edited for privacy},  and {edited for privacy}. Hopefully she can at least confirm that this took place.


Now some months later, I keep recieving emails from credit collection companies claiming that I owe 750 for unreturned equipment. I returned everything that belonged to verizon- the cable boxes, the fios box, even remotes.


The debt just keeps switching hands. I had filed a dispute with credit collection companies before. I was hoping I was done with this, but today I recieved yet another letter. I can't afford to pay for equipment that verizon now has. I can't afford to pay for their inability to track packages and keep their numbers in check. Somebody please help me. I want so dearly to -like- this company, to eventually return to this service, but your team's apathy and incompetence is making it unbearable.


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Re: Verizon's inability to manage information is destroying my credit

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Sorry you are having difficulty, an agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information to help you resolve your issue.Please remember to check your spam/junk folder if you do not hear from an agent.

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Re: Verizon's inability to manage information is destroying my credit

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I recieved an email today saying my case has been escalated, however there is nothing listed under my support cases. never the less, I thank you for your quick action. I'm pleasantly surprised that someone actually listened.

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