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On-Demand not working for premium subscriptions


I recently upgraded my box from an HD box to the Home Media DVR.  I also have a subspcription to some premium channels (HBO & Cinemax).


I am able to access HBO/Cinemax on the regular channels, but when attempting to order a movie via VOD, I get an error message stating that I am not currently subscribed.  Prior to my box upgrade, I was able to access the HBO/Cinemax VOD content.


I called VZ last night, and they were working on it, but only told me that the box I have has not been activated.  I found this puzzling since I am able to watch regluar shows on it.


Anyone else have a similar experience?


If I wasn't getting the premium subscription free for 3 months (expires in January), I would lodge a formal complaint.  But this is rather disappointing to see such inconsistencies with their equipment.

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