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Copper Contributor
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Any STB RF remote capable?

Hi, I'm considering switching over to FiOS, but won't do so unless I can drive all my TVs from one or two boxes using HDMI distribution. In order to do this, I need to know if any of the HD STBs are RF remote (sometimes called UHF) capable. To the layman, they allow controlling of the STB from a different room (through walls), not requiring line-of-site like standard infrared remotes. My old DirecTV STBs had this feature. I think the answer is no, but would like to confirm with someone who's knowledgeable on the subject. I'm aware there are infrared repeaters that I can purchase separately to do this, but would rather not have to incur another expense if avoidable. Certainly Verizon would prefer I rent 4 or 5 boxes instead, which is why I believe this feature is not included. Thanks in advance for anyone's assistance!
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