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Registered: ‎08-11-2011

Looks like everyone here agrees Verizon Customer Service sucks - add me to the list...


A snapshot of my life while dealing with Verizon over the past few MONTHS:


  • Back in MAY, I placed an order to upgrade from Verizon DSL Internet to a full Verizon FiOS Triple Play. My CSR was very friendly, but it took HOURS to set up the entire order (including the third party verification for the phone service). She kept finding new discounts to apply and whatnot, and when all was said and done, she told me my first year monthly service price would be only $49.99. Amazing, right? So we set up an instalation date.


  • JUNE 16 - hurray, installation day! Oh, wait...installation scheduled for between 8am and 12pm, but no one ever showed up. Called Verizon and was told MY ORDER HAD BEEN CANCELLED and NO ONE EVER TOLD ME. I spent the entire day home from work waiting for an installation that had previously been cancelled BY VERIZON without notifying me. Apparently, it had something to do with an issue when trying to port my home phone number from my current service provider to Verizon. Had to spend additional HOURS on the phone submitting a NEW order from scratch. And, of course, this time, the final monthly price he came up with (different CSR) was $69.99. I explained that this was ridiculous, that it was $20 less when the other person did it, that I took a whole day home rom work waiting for an installation they canceled without ever telling me...he said he would enter an additional $20/month for 12 months credit due to the frustration and inconvenience. Gee, thanks so much for being so generous as to give me the rate I was originally we set up a new installation date.


  • Installation set up for June 28 between 8am and 12pm. I told them I could NOT be home in the morning, only afternoon. Regardless, email confirmation states 8am-12pm window. Called a few days prior to installation to again request afternoon, and CSR tells me it is in THEIR system for afternoon, so no problem. Day before installation, automated reminder call from Verizon says 8am-12pm. I call again, and CSR again tells me it's set up for afternoon in their system, so don't worry about it.


  • INSTALLATION DAY #2 - call at 8am from installation tech that he's on his way to our house. NO. Explain to him that I have requested multiple times for AFTERNOON install, NOT MORNING. Shocker, he has me on his schedule for morning. Polite tech says he will adjust his schedule to come in the afternoon instead. Tech arrives and installs everything, and everything works. The only issue is that they never came and burried the FiOS line to our house, so he has to put in a temporary above-ground line. Polite installation tech leaves his card and says if we ever need a tech support person to come to our house, call him directly instead of setting up through Verizon because he can be there faster.


  • 2 DAYS AFTER SUCCESSFUL INSTALLATION - nothing works! Discover the temporary above-ground cable has been accidentally cut by groundskeeping lawnmowers. Called Verizon Tech Support, who says they can send someone out on Saturday or Sunday with a 4-hour window, and we will have to be home at the time (this is on a Thursday and 4th of July holiday weekend). I argue that it's a holiday weekend, and we do not have to be home because it's the cable outside. It runs ONLY outside. Tech Support insists we have to be home. Hang up on useless Tech Support and call Installation Tech who had left his card - he comes out the very next day (Friday) and replaces the line, and agrees we do NOT have to be home at the time. Thank goodness for ONE good Verizon employee out of the MANY I've encountered on this journey...


  • A few days later, the line still isn't buried, so I call Verizon. They cannot tell me when it is scheduled to be buried. Okay...then I can't guarantee it won't get cut again!


  • Then I get a new Verizon Wireless bill for my cell phone account. But I had signed up for OneBill to combine everything and get an additional discount. Call Verizon...oh, they couldn't do the OneBill because I had a discount on my Verizon Wireless account for something else, and I can't get 2 discounts. Umm, no one EVER said anything about that. I explain that I would rather have the OneBill discount because it's a greater amount. They tell me I have to call Verizon Wireless to cancel the other discount. Seriously? So I do just that. Then call Verizon back again to add OneBill to my account. They say not a problem. Done. Yeah, right! Also, while on the phone, asked Verizon FiOS to verify my monthly service price. $69.99. What hapened to the additional $20 CSR had previously promised me? Ask to speak to a manager. Supposed manager gets on the phone and is nothing but rude, tells me there's nothing she can do, and provides NO explanation to any of my questions. WOW. Thanks for being so now I'm out another $240 for the first year thanks to lies from Verizon.


  • Get first Verizon FiOS bill of more than $240. WHAT?! Oh, no one ever told me that when I upgraded from DSL, my automatic payments from my DSL account would be cancelled, so now I'm behind on those payments. Also, there is NO additional $20 discount as promised by the CSR who entered entire new order #2, nor is there a OneBill discount.


  • Get another Verizon Wireless bill, now higher since I cancelled my original discount AND still have not been set up for OneBill. Tried to do OneBill online and get message that it "cannot be completed at this time" with no real reason as to why. Called Verizon this morning and sat on hold for 32 minutes before getting disconnected.

Keep up the great work, Verizon...and don't worry, I'll be sure to tell ALL my friends and family and coworkers...

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