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False and deceptive online pricing by Verizon Fios


My current 2 year contract is about to expire, so I tried to renew my sevices online thru their "Upgrade/Renewal" link. After selecting my Triple Play package, it quoted my price as $94.99 for months 1 thru 24. I double checked the pricing by clicking on their "pricing terms" link and it confirmed it. Here is exactly what the link showed:


Verizon Triple Play


$94.99 /mo 2 year agreement

Price Months Price Months 1 - 24 = 94.99


Discounts Included

  • $5 24-Month Contract Discount
  • $10 Triple Play Bundle Credit for 24 Months
  • $5 Credit for 24 Months

After adding this bundle to my shopping cart, suddenly their terms changed (see below for new terms in shopping cart).

 Now it says that the 1st month is $94.99 and months 2 thru 24 will be $ 109.99.  This is a typical Bait and Switch tactic and is very deceptive and most likely illegal. Verizon needs to either correct this problem on there website immediately or face possible major class action lawsuits. If this is a mistake, will Verizon honor their original price quote of $94.99 for the full 24 month contract term. I got absolutely no answer to my concerns by going to Verizon Chat. I will be contacting my state AG and the FCC if this is not resolved soon. If anyone know how I can get the price I was quoted, please respond!


1st Month Price 
  • Verizon Triple Play
    2-year agreement
Addtl Services
1st Month Price: 
Total 1st Month Price
Plus Taxes & Fees
Monthly price month 2 - 24 = $109.99


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