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Guide IS Wrong Again


Hbo right now has a movie called crazy stupid love with listed on the guide but what is actually playing is big momma's house 2: like father like son. Crazy stupid love according to the guide is scheduled to repeat at 7pm but it will be the big momma martin lawrence movie instead. You are also having issues with abc news now where if you were to look at it you would see that nothing matches. Then there is the matter of channels that have no schedules for them like channels 1509,1548,1781 where it is impossible to set up anything to tape because there is nothing there on the guide to tape. Channel 1507 is off by an hour and nothing matches on channel 477 soy latino tv. Telehit channel 1662 is entirely wrong right now and channel 1664 ritmoson rarely matches. This guide data problem is a huge issue for a lot of people where if you think that it is going to go away on its own then you are wrong. Now i know this is a place where people are encouraged to do the jobs of verizon employees for them but with this issue the corrections are only an email away if a verizon employee were to look at this and pass it on to the proper network data group. Your customers are willing to work with you if you want to see to it that this issue can finally be resolved but until that line of communication is established more and more customers will start to reconsider the9ir decision to have you as their tv provider if apathy is all that they see from verizon. If you were to go to tv guide's website you will see that the big momma movie is listed there on the fios guide where it has the correct schedules for the channels that i mentioned were wrong.  

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