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Multiroom DVR playback is severely lagging


My multiroom DVR is in the living room and the other STB is in the bedroom.  The recorded programs play flawlessly on the DVR in the living room, but when I watch (try to watch) recorded programs in the bedroom, both the sound and video lag.  It is intermittent, but frequent enough to be annoying for recordings of "regular" TV, but it is CONSTANT for recorded live TV, e.g. sports-- making it totally unwatchable.  For as much as Verizon is charging for a MRDVR, it needs to work perfectly.


I tried the In-Home Service (whatever it's called) via the menu and no change.  I decided to try here, before moving on to calling technical support, which I'm afraid will not be a positive experience.  I have to admit, I'm very much of a techno-novice.


My STB is a CHS 335HDC model. The MRDVR is a CHS 435HDC model.


Has anyone experienced this too a been able to manage a fix?

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