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Registered: ‎08-12-2013

Order Pending


Placed an order for new Triple Play service with Verizon ~ 25 July  with an activation date of 02 August. 


On 01 August, the equipment arrived so I contacted Verizon Technical Support to see if we could activate a day early.   They were very helpful and were able to activate my TV and Internet, but said I would need to wait until 02 August for the phone.    And this is were my problems begin.


While my complete service has activated with no issues, I am completely unable to manage my account online as it shows a "pending order"   I have called Verizon several times over the last two weeks, talked to multiple departments, and have been called a liar more often than I like.      All the reps insist my order is "complete" and that I am simply imagining what their website is showing me.


I finally had a person willing to put in a troubleshooting ticket for me, supposedly.   When I asked for a reference number or something to track, she said there is none and I just need to call in and explain everything again.    After 30+ minutes on the phone today alone, I just said goodbye as I could not devote anymore time. 


In my non expertise - I believe when the original tech tried to be helpful on 01 August by activating me a day early, he created some type of fake ghost order in my account.     This ghost order is still linked, somwhere, and is causing the issues. 



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