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Copper Contributor
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Need to block website from ALL devices on home network


I want to block all computers, phones and devices from getting to a website on my home network from my router.  I've seen many posts from people wanting to block porn or YouTube from their kids' computer.  My family shares multple computers.  So, I cannot block my kid's computer...he has access to any computer in the house.  I;m not here to debate the merits of setting up a single computer for my kid to use, he's a teenager and I want to limit his access time to certain websites he visits.  He's not visiting anything bad, he just visits them more than I prefer and ends up online late at night.  So, I tried the Advanced FIltering so I could setup time limits as well as block URLs but I am not able to block a URL from ALL devices...I have to pick the computer attempting to connect to the internet.  I do not want that and I would really rather not use OpenDNS or another service like that...there HAS to be a way to do this from within the Verizon Router...HAS to be.  If you cannot, then Verizon needs to update the Router firmware so I can.  Most routers I've sen will allow me to do this.  I almost feel like i have to install a secondary router and use that router to control all of the access in my network but I'm not 100% sure how to do that...that will be my next google  PLEASE tell me someone knows how I can do this on the Verizon router...I have an Actiontec.


Thanks in advance.


Who Me Too'd this topic
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