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BLUF:  I need help getting Verizon to remove/move the green copper box that they installed in the middle of our backyard.



I called Verizon about a month ago and they agreed to send someone to remove/move the green box from the middle of our backyard.  They apologized for ever installing it and said it was their mistake.  About two days later, a Verizon man showed up and laughed and said he didn't deal with copper (he was FiOS) and he wasn't touching it.  He also said, "Good luck in getting Verizon to move it."


I called Verizon back and was on the phone for 55 minutes.  I was transferred seven times.  Just before the final transfer, I told the lady that I needed to talk to her supervisor.  She said she didn't have one and argued with me why it was even necessary.  I told her I didn't want to be transferred back to FiOS because they already told me twice during that phone call that they couldn't help me.  She finally agreed to transfer me to customer service, but instead she transferred me to FiOS.  The FiOS person then told me he had to transfer me back.


I waited a day and called Verizon back.  This time, the man told me he would send a copper guy to look at the green box.  The man showed up and said, "Sorry, but I'm not sure what you expect us to do."  I told him we are having a patio installed and the green box needs to move.  Furthermore, we are going to install a fence, and therefore, the box would be inaccessible to the public once the fence is installed.  He agreed that the box should have never been installed in our yard and he agreed to send out an engineer to possibly remove/move it.  I have yet to hear back from him and he has not returned my emails or calls.


I'm in a bind now.  We have our landscaper ready to go, but we still have this green box in our yard.  I cannot get an answer from Verizon on whether or not there are any people even using it, nor will they tell me if they are going to move it. I am about to take a baseball bat to it, but my husband wanted me to reach out one final time to Verizon.  Can someone please help us?!?  It cannot stay for two reasons: 1.  It is in the middle of our yard, and 2.  I will defend my property if anyone tries to climb our fence to access the box.  Verizon agrees that it should never have been installed, but the contractors keep telling me Verizon will say it's too expensive to remove/move.  I have been a loyal Verizon customer for over a decade, but I am about to cancel EVERYTHING!


Tracy - Lorton, VA





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