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Web pages won't load consistently - requires multiple refreshes (WiFi and Wired)


Somone else posted a similar problem but my problem occurs when wired and wireless.  I tried calling Verizon support but that is a whole differnet story in itself (they want me to pay them to troubleshoot their network since this is above Tier 1's head).



- Going to a website requires multiple refreshes to load.  Not every time but most of the time.  The problem appears to have gotten worse over the past several months.  

- Clicking a link within a website results in the same problem.  

- A website will half load with no pictures and entire areas not filled in.  A refresh usually fixes it but not always. Sometimes many refreshes are required.



- All devices affected (Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone)

- All browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome)

- Wired and wireless 



- Obviously checked all my varied devices.. all suffer from the issue when on the Fios network (wired and wireless)

- Changed Verizon router config to use google's and OpenDNS' servers  -> same results

- Changed my Mac's and PC's DNS to use google and OpenDNS -> same results

- Swapped out my Fios wireless router with a newer one (MI424WR Rev. I) -> same results


It's to the point where I can't use my internet anymore.  The speed is fine (50/60mb) when it does work. 


I'm sure this problem is on the Verizon network.  My devices work fine when at work or at someone else's home. 


Verizon support, Tier 1, other than checking my connection levels and doing some ping and traceroutes had no idea.  What really got me is that they wanted me to pay for their Premium Support.  I called them just for kicks and they said they only work on PC issues and promptly transferred me back to the general support queue.


Anyone have a similar issue which was resolved?  How do I even get someone competent to look into this?  Please help.

Who Me Too'd this topic
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