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Registered: ‎04-30-2016

My Router Has either no light for the Internet(globe) or has a Amber/orange light. Pls help


when I have no light at all it will say coax status: Disconnected even though I have it plugged in.

when I have the orange/Amber lights, it will say coax status Connecting, it will stay that way, when I go into network connections with the Amber/ orange lights

it will be like one life these and they will switch automatically 


network- connected

broadband connection- connected

wan PPPoE- connecting

It will automatically switch to this


netowrk- connected

broadband connection- waiting for dhcp lease

wan PPPoE- disconnected


i have no ip when I go into broadband connection settings


i have already tried resetting my router

and all the basic stuff.


with no internet light I wan coax also has no light


Who Me Too'd this topic
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