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Phone says I have voice mail messages when I don't


My Panasonic phone displays the words "Voice mail msg via phone co." when I have messages, and a yellow light blinks on the top of the handset.  After I check the messages and either delete or save them, those words go away and the blinking stops....or it used to.  For the past two or three weeks, it almost always says I have messages when I don't, and even when I haven't received any calls at all.  There have been a few times that I have noticed that it did stop, but within a few minutes it is back again.  Because of this, every time I leave the house I have to pick up the phone when I return and manually check to see if there are any missed calls and, if there are, I then have to call the voice mail just in case.  But the most annoying part is the blinking light.  It is so bright that it's actually starting to keep me awake at night.  The phones are only about a year old and work fine otherwise, so it appears to be a problem with the service.  I tried the Verizon troubleshooter and the only option to choose was for no dial tone so I continued with that, but all I got was "Unfortunately, I did not find any phone lines associated with this account.", so apparently that's not working right either.  Does anyone have any idea what else I could try?

Who Me Too'd this topic