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Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Registered: ‎05-25-2013

No Data Connectivity on STB?


Alright, so this issue has been long overdue, this problem started ever since I received my service for FiOS TV and Internet approximately 18 or so months ago, I just never got around to it because it wasn't an urgent problem.


TV guide on the STB doesn't work. When I press the FiOS TV button on my remote, the popup on the TV shows "Program Information Not Available." When I go to Menu and select Message Center and hit OK, it says "Data currently not available. Please try again later."


In the initial set up, the tech guy was trying to fix it and said he couldn't and told me to call back the next day because it was getting late, I just never followed up.


I'm not sure if this helps, but this is the wiring diagram for my apartment:


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