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Ever since the new On Demand menu launched I have noitced a change in the pricing of On demand episodes on channels that I subribe to as part of my normal FIOS TV package. I first noticed this with a recent episode of Teen Wolf on MTV that I had started watching for Free two days prior then when I was switched over to the new On Demand menu that same episode had to be purchased for $1.99 for me to continue watching it. Next the same issue happened with the latest episode of the Vampire  Diaries on CW. Assuming this was a mistake I called customer service and was told that it was the Channel providers MTV and CW not Verizon that had made price change for the episodes but was also told that I could  watch these same episodes for free online. So I logged into Myverzion account online and and found that all the curent episodes were in fact free.  This makes no scense at all. Why am I being charged extra to watch content on my TV that is free online. This totally defeats the purposed of paying for cable. The fact that I have to pay extra to watch content on my TV that is now only available for free online is ridiculous.  Im convinced that this a mistake that started when the new On demand menu was released.  Also I have checked at a few friends and relatives houses over the holidays and was able the to watch the exact same content (current episodes) for free On Demand with Direct TV and Comcast.  So imagine tonight when I sat down to watch the latest epsode of Grimm On Demand on NBC with FIOS and found that I had to pay $1.99. I begrudgingly got up off my sofa logged into Myverzion account and found the very same episode is free to watch online. Please fix this mistake or I will be switiching to Direct TV ASAP. 

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