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Copper Contributor
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Apple TV connection with FIOS mobile


Help! I have the FIOS mobil App installed on my IPAD and Iphone; I stream amd then I airplay to my appleTV so I can watch on my big screen. It was working fine for a month until 2 day ago. NOW, I get the stream on my device, but when I send it to airplay, it gives me an error message and does not work.
I spent an hour with Verizon support who checked the internet, reset the router and says all is ok with verizon, to all APPLE.

I spent an hour with Apple, who had me checked the setting for the apple TV, reboot everything, have mirroring the device to the TV. It does sent the image to the TV but but when a channel is selected on Fios mobile, same error message. Apple says the airplay is working , so it must be the FIOS APP. I tried to delete and download a new APP, still does not work.  Kind of lost now. It works perfectly before, has verizon changed something in the App?? I have apple TV 2nd generation. but as I said, t was working fine before. ANY one have an idea?




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