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Platinum Contributor II
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Re: My FiOS app on phone not working


@Frustrated5 wrote:

Did that multiple times without results. 

Depending if you did the following try this.

1) Remove the app again completely from "all" iOS devices.

2) Depending on the iPhone I believe you said 6s + hold the power button and the large home button down together until you see the Apple logo (white) then release both buttons and let the phone reset its self. No data will be lost.

3) After you reset all the iPhones and iPads the way I State above. Then make sure the Fios App has not reared its head. If it is clear from each iOS device you then.

4) Go to the Apple App Store and get it again. Let it install completely. Then turn your device on/off and see if you then have full functionality back.


Good Luck


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Who Me Too'd this solution
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