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I'm getting nowhere close to 940/880. I see average 500/400, hardwired. Average 80-100 download & upload via WiFi. I've dealt with several techs over the phone, 3 techs came out as well. No one can figure out what the issue is. One tech actually closed the ticket as resolved. Another one is coming out tomorrow with the "proper" equipment and a computer supposedly. They are trying to say it could possibly be my PC but my PC can handle Gigabit.


I'm just curious if there are any settings I could change on my desktop or router to try and improve the speeds? The best result I ever got was 716.89 /483.08.

I'm just at a lost on what to do?


Edit: When I go to verizon.com/SpeedTest & do the "Router Speed Test" it's showing 940/886 (I did that test on the 17th). When I do the "Device Speed Test" I get nothing close to those speeds. My desktop PC can handle speeds up to 1300, I should have no issues. Also, I just did a speed test via WiFi on my iPhone 6s and got 80/80. I had phone right next to the router. The iPhone 6s is capable of much much higher. I don't know whats going on but this is getting out of control.

Who Me Too'd this topic