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Internet connection drops several times a day


For about the past year, I will randomly lose internet connection. At first, it was only a couple times a week. Now it is several times a day. During this time, the internet light on the gateway is off, while the power and DSL light stay on, like they always are. I got a new gateway a couple months back. Both the old and new are the Actiontec GT784WNV. When it goes off, it will automatically turn back on after several minutes. I don't think the problem is the gateway since I got a new one and it is not my devices since my computer, which is wirelessly connected, and my XBox, which is wired, will lose connection at the same time. This is very frusterating since Verizon just raised the price by $7.00, saying this is for better service. I wouldn't mind paying this extra amount if I had reliable service. 

I have enhanced high speed internet and here are the rates:

Downstream Rate: 7840Kbps

Upstream Rate: 863Kbps


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