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Registered: ‎07-18-2017

Some Channels Up To An Hour Behind & DVR Programs won't FF


I've been having some very strange issues since last Friday. The box in my living room is the Media Center and works fine. I'll start watching a channel (ex. BBC America) downstairs, then go upstairs to continue watching the same program. When I go upstairs and turn on the same channel, the program will start at the same point I first started it downstairs. So far this has happened on BBC America, MSNBC, and ABC. When the news is on you can really tell because the time displayed on the news ticker is completely different then the time on the box and the Guide.


Another issue is the upstairs box will not allow me to FF through any DVR'd recordings. As soon as I hit FF it stops and I get the DVR menu again. It does not give me the option to "Resume" the program. My only choice is to play from the beginning. I can watch programs but if I stop, FF, Rew, etc. it will stop the recording.


I've tried multiple times rebooting the box through the menu features as well as unplugging the box and plugging it back in. I also swapped the box with the one from a second bedroom, but there was no improvement.


The downstairs media center does not appear to be affected.


Any resolution to this issue would be greatly appreciated. At the moment the TV upstairs is unwatchable for me.

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