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How to contact customer service to file a complaint


Is there an email address that we can send general complaints about FIOS service?  Some place to vent frustrations?  Complaints like being on hold for a minimum of 20 minutes (if you're lucky - I've been on hold for up to 3 hours waiting for technical support, average is 40 minutes), internet cutting in and out, loss of service because they decide your equipment is too old and you have to buy a newer model tv/computer/phone/etc., sending advertisements with deals that provide twice the service I'm getting at half the cost but I can't do anything because I'm stuck with 11 months on my contract.  The technicians usually are wonderful people and very helpful - it's just spending hours on the phone waiting for them that is frustrating. I am usually so angry by the time they answer that I start the conversation by apologizing for being crabby and that I know it's not their fault but that I'm on the verge of bursting a blood vessel. 

All I want is an email address where I can vent - I know verizon will probably send it straight to the trash file but it would make me feel better. I'm even considering switching to Xfinity, even though they have a terrible reputation for customer service and their products are not as good. I'm just so fed up with verizon that I'm counting the days until I'm free of my contract.

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