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youtube widget / channel failure to delete


Im a parent who has a 10 year old son. Now when it comes to certain things as many of you can agree, children need to be monitored as to what they do. Weather it be online activity, phone activity etc. Youtube is one of these things that needs to be monitored. But youtube on verizon is not able to have any parental controls. Now it does offer restricted mode in the actual youtube settings on the widget itself. But i do not want my son having access to youtube when ever he wants. The restricted mode can be turned off at any given time with out a code or pin. All the child needs to do it go into settings and turn it off. Not exactly a safe way to block a function if you ask me. 


I do not want youtube at all on my tv. Im sorry but i dont want my son watching youtube videos on his tv in his room where i cannot be at all times to monitor what he is watching.  I walked into his room today and he was watching some video where they were using every curse word you can think of. Now trust me im on youtube every day on my phone. And we all know there are things that kids shouldnt watch on there. Which is why it should be able to be deleted if the customer wants to.  Why is there no option to delete youtube in the menu settings? 


I contacted verizon today and spent about 45 min on the phone with about 3 different reps asking to delete  youtube from my package. And the response was that they could not do it. Nor could they block access to it.  Im sorry but there are more inappropriate things found on youtube than there are on movies and tv shows if you know where to look. And for that reason I do not want my son using it, and i do not want it.  Please give the option to remove the widget completly.

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